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GIGI, Bandra, bestows patrons with a one-of-its-kind dining experience through its Japanese and European culinary influences

Gigi, an upscale all-day cocktail bar and restaurant in Bandra, is the latest venture by Chrome Asia Hospitality.

GIGI, the latest upscale cocktail bar and restaurant in Bandra, seamlessly blends the essence of Japanese and European culinary influences, promising a unique dining experience.

Gigi, an upscale all-day cocktail bar and restaurant in Bandra, is the latest venture by Chrome Asia Hospitality. Covering an expansive 6,000 sq. ft. over two floors, this chic space seamlessly combines Japanese and European culinary influences, creating a unique dining experience. Co-founders Pawan Shahri, Dhaval Udeshi, Nikita Harisinghani, and Afsana Verma have passionately crafted this space, where vintage accents on the ground floor give way to a refined yet relaxed luxury on the upper level.

The ground floor boasts vintage charm with exposed brick walls, gilded mirrors, and a retail wall showcasing a rotating selection of homegrown labels. Ascending a wooden staircase adorned with flickering candles, patrons enter an era of refined luxury on the second floor. The 150-seater space offers communal tables, plush sofas, an island bar, and two intimate private dining spaces—The Eliot Room and The Jade Room. Wooden accents, patterned floors, lime-washed walls, tasseled fabric lamps, velvet furniture, and curated knick-knacks create a cosy ambiance that blends vintage charm with modern sophistication.

At the heart of Gigi is a large island bar, a focal point encouraging patrons to unwind and enjoy drinks. The bar also features a smaller cocktail and coffee bar, where visitors can try their hand at DIY cocktails. Gigi’s innovative approach extends to its seasonal spotlight on spirits, starting with a tequila bar and progressing to showcase the Indian craft alcohol revolution, a rum bar, and a whisky vault. The space will also host bar takeovers and collaborations.

Designed by Nikita Shahri, Gigi represents her first full-fledged design project for Chrome Asia Hospitality. The design narrative draws from antique markets, old warehouses, and collaborations with local artists, resulting in a unique and rich aesthetic. Adding her insight on the same Nikita Shahri says, “Gigi’s interiors are a testament to its unique character and thoughtful design. One standout feature is the effortless marriage of vintage charm with contemporary elements, offering patrons an atmosphere that beautifully blends nostalgia with freshness.”

The culinary and mixology teams at Gigi, both led by women, promise a delightful experience. Chef Beena Noronha’s menu features a fusion of European and Japanese flavours, showcasing dishes like handcrafted sushi rolls, artisanal charcuterie boards, and fiery ramen. The emphasis is on fresh, local produce and seasonal ingredients. Meanwhile, Fae Baretto leads the bar program, offering a diverse cocktail menu inspired by different eras and cultures, along with unique Asian-inspired flavors.

Gigi’s cocktail program features signature drinks like a clarified Bloody Mary with in-house miso syrup, a clarified Piña Colada with lemongrass, and a Spicy Margarita with jalapeno and oleander shrub. The commitment to quality extends to in-house sodas, syrups with natural sweeteners, and handcrafted concoctions for teetotalers.

Gigi’s USP lies in its timeless yet elegant design, thoughtful menu, and eclectic vibe that sets it apart. As the latest addition to Chrome Asia Hospitality’s portfolio, Gigi aims to captivate patrons with its warm ambiance and a unique fusion of flavors from the East and West. With ten outlets in Mumbai, Chrome Asia Hospitality continues to innovate and experiment, engaging with customers through its diverse range of signature brands.

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