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Unveiling Smaram: A historical furniture line

World Renowned Designers Tony Jospeh, George Seemon, and partners unveiled an elemental furniture line ‘Smaram’ inspired by memories.

World Renowned Designers Tony Jospeh, George Seemon, and partners unveiled an elemental furniture line ‘Smaram’ inspired by memories.

To hero a designer’s most prized element: reclaimed wood, eminent designers Tony Joseph, George Seemon, and partners create a historic furniture line ‘Smaram’ that honours the Indian heritage and history through its artistically functional components. Keeping memories at the core of the brand, the designers have wisely used the sturdy, reclaimed wood to give the furniture an antique look while honoring its materiality. Each piece in the collection narrates a story, integrating the past with the present and providing a space for a sustainable future. “Taking forward our inherent values of sustainability, we’ve tried to reduce the need for new materials; instead, trying to conserve, preserve, and breathe new life into the old.” said Tony Joseph, Founder, of Smaram.

Here we look at the collections’ unique products, namely: Bhojan, Aduku, Asthiti, Samanya, Pidi, Arah, and Yug.

Bhojan: Designed to accommodate 8 people, the Bhojan (translation: meal) dining table is a personification of the bygone. With a sleek wooden top crafted with different types of reclaimed wood, the table gets its magical look from the transparent acrylic legs that give it a floating look to highlight the majestic table top. But what is so special about a table composed of salvaged lumber? Every history lover’s treasure: the markings of age on the wood members that elevate it to a sculptural quality.

Adukku: Cleverly designed, this chest of hand-crafted drawers can be compared to a historical timeline. A perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary, the drawer pulls of the chest are linearly aligned with its wooden legs, thereby giving it a compact body to fit in your modern homes.

Samanya: Inspired from an ancient Ayurvedic principle of similarity, Samanya (translation: same) is a piece of furniture that beautifully integrates with and complements every space like the Bhojan dining tables, the Ashithi coffee table and any other fashionable seating of your choice. Curated to serve the purpose of its name, Samanya catches the spectators’ attention with its traditional jaali pattern on the side panels, leaving them in wonder of the untold story that this universal piece narrates. Apart from its awe-striking design, Samanya is composed of individual ‘similar’ units that can be used separately or in unison to form a cohesive structure.

Asthiti: Ashithi (translation: eighty) is a cleverly engineered coffee table with removable legs that form a captivating geometric pattern on the top, locked into position using wooden pegs below the table surface. The unusual and unique positioning of the legs lends a suggestion of vitality to this distinctive piece.

Pidi: The Pidi console table’s sleek lines and contemporary styling makes it one of the most attractive furniture pieces from the collection. Its dramatic wooden members add a lively personality to this theatrical piece that magically floats in the air through the diagonally attached metal plates below.

Arah: Arah is inspired from the traditional, threshed grain storage area in Kerela widely known as ‘Ara’. This contemporary chest of drawers is patched with three drawers and three shutters cradled on powder-coated metal legs that resemble the raised structure of the traditional Ara. Surprise awaits the user at the base of the furniture where a secret storage establishes the connectivity between the original and the inspired.

Yuj: Yuj (translation: to unite) is one of the most exciting coffee tables that you would have seen. Composed of antqiue wooden squares, this detacheable table top gives you the liberty to design your own pattern. Apart from a functionally intelligent body, yuj is a conceptual piece inspired from the Indian heritage, translating to ‘to join’ in Sanskrit. Thus, the modules of the table can be joined in different combinations to form larger tables or individual seating arrangement.

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