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Seeking ability in disability, Onset Homes, has launched its very special Summer Collection of soft furnishings, „Flair Of Nature‟, a name that intertwines the inherent talent of the students' and their delightful creations.
A distinguished global artist renowned for his exceptional contributions to the world of glass sculpting, Garmezy unveiled his unparalleled talent sculpting Indian heritage at the Rural Modern Glass Studio.
EleganzInteriors, India's leading interior design & buildfitout company, marked its 35th anniversary in the industry with a spectacular event recently at MCA Bandra Club, BKC.
The book, ‘Iranshah A Legacy Restored’, captures the extensive structural restoration of the Iranshah Ātash Behram and the buildings in the campus in Udwada, Gujarat, India.





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Studio Lotus, a globally renowned, multidisciplinary design firm’s works are distinguished by `conscious design’ principles.

The bungalow in Goa designed by Beyond Designs is characterized by clean, tranquil spaces reminiscent of Mediterranean style.

Ar. Geeta Arya designs a deluxe bungalow KALPDRUM, a seamless blend of timeless elegance and modern opulence.

Naksh Design Studio, this all-white masterpiece syndicates modern sophistication with minimalist elegance.

Special report
Society Interiors Design Competition & Awards 2024 pays tribute to the design visionaries for their design excellence