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A modern collection of durable luggage bags for effortless travel

Bags are an integral part of our lives. Have you ever wondered how effortless does a back pack make your journey?

Bags are an integral part of our lives. Have you ever wondered how effortless does a back pack make your journey? From Clothes to Cosmetics, they carry it all, responsibly, acting as a silent support system. Hence, it’s necessary that the bag you choose is not only aesthetically charming, but has a functional quotient too. Keeping all this in mind, Victorinox has launched its innovative Crosslight collection which is a new generation of softside luggage for effortless and functional traveling. What could be better than a purchase that also helps you to conserve nature? Giving new life to re-cycled PET bottles, this collection of bags is lightweight, done right. Additionally, the collection is available in elegant black proposes as many carriers as there are opportunities to travel.

Hold on, that is not all! Alongside the new Crosslight trolley and bag collection, Victorinox has introduced a softside luggage assortment which convinces with versatility, agility and practicality. This versatile collection is perfect for all kinds of travel, from short business trips to extended family vacations. Its agile trolleys and bags can be easily used by all members of the family.


All fabrics of the new Cross light collection are made from recycled materials, giving a new life to recycled PET bottles. Optimized technology increases overall capacity and provides a spacious packing interior. Expansion systems on most styles allow to adjust bags according to packing needs. Enhanced packaging solutions include maximized opening of the main compartment and the Pack Light Organizer, a foldable divider with extra storage for suitcases. Last but not least, the Swiss engineered lightweight frame structure offers optimal carrying comfort, rounding off the features of this agile and practical new collection. A further plus of this innovative travel gear collection is the branded, heat embossed 100% recycled polyester lining. The fabric is treated with SILVADURTM technology to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and can be cleaned up to 40 times whilst still maintaining the treatment.


Various choices of Carry-On suitcases make it easy to find the right partner for any short trip, be it for business or leisure. If more space is needed the collection offers a Medium Softside Case and a Large Softside Case. Further choices are available in the form of the City Daypack, the Boarding Bag, the Duffel, the Wheeled Duffel or the Garment Bag. Indeed, the collection proposes as many carriers as there are opportunities to travel, from discovering the world with the family, sightseeing in a favorite city with friends to spontaneously exploring the neighborhood.

Like all Victorinox Travel Gear products, the Cross light collection offers a global 1+10 years warranty

and is available in specialty shops, Victorinox stores and online.


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