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The 20 year old legacy continues…

With a heavy heart, happy faces and indelible memories, we have finally reached the end of SIDCA, 2023.

With a heavy heart, happy faces and indelible memories, we have finally reached the end of SIDCA, 2023.

The creative journey was a rollercoaster of emotions, experiences and learnings for the participants, mentors and us. Together, we achieved what we aimed for: To accelerate the learning curve of students in India and to give them a hands-on experience of the architecture and design industry. In this process of connecting students to professionals, we built a community of learners, one that we are deeply attached to. So, while we claim to be a catalyst to this process, it is undeniable that we were deeply involved in the journey and built a bond with the students that binds us all, beyond the competition.

On 26th February, 2023, in a historically sumptuous venue, Society Interiors & Design celebrated its 20th Annual award ceremony titled “Society Interiors Design Competition & Awards” to commemorate the excellence in Architecture, Design and allied fields. The glamorous evening at Taj Santacruz was echoing with cheers of the winning teams of #SIDCA2023. The enthusiastic and excited students were introduced to luminaries from design, architecture, construction and allied fields. Bollywood stars Mukesh Rishi and Sharad Malhotra graced the event with their amazing presence. Also spotted at the ceremony was Senior Architect and the Legend of the design industry, Premnath, who brightened up the event with his charming smile and graceful personality.

The show began with the lighting of the lamp ceremony followed by the grand award function. World renowned architects, interiors designers and builders were felicitated for their contribution to the industry. The awardees were: Nitin Killawala, Hiten Sethi, Sandeep Shikre & Alpa Shikre, Khozema Chitalwala, Seema Puri & Zarir Mullan, Reza Kabul, Dipak Thaker, Ankura Patel & Ankit Patel, Krupa Zubin & Zubin Zainuddin, Vivek Bhole, Yatin Patel, Behzad Kharas, Ketan Sheth & Manisha Sheth, Gaurav Sanghavi, Harsh Pote, Pragya Sanghavi, Bhakti Pote, Shobhan Kothari & Anand Menon, Sandeep Kothari & Sonal Kothari, Ali Baldiwal, Rushi Baheti and Rhuta Baheti Gandhi, Boman Irani, Vikas Oberoi and Jitendra Mehta. Then came the students’ turn!

The students’ felicitation was divided into two segments, beginning with the zonal category felicitation and ending with our All India/National category felicitation. Pankaj Sheel, Khushi Garg, Aditi Kashyap and Nishuda Panchal from Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies were the first winners of the commercial category in the North zone. Aarchie Jain, Lakshyaa Varma, Rabia Saleem and Sakshi Jain from INIFD- Himayatnagar were felicitated as the first winners of the South zone. Riya Kothari, Dhruv Jain, Meenakshi Rathi and Aishwarya Ganachari from the same college were the second winners of this category. In the East zone, we had Bhavna Lodha, Sheetal Bardia and Mishri Hindocha from J.D. Birla Institute as the first winners followed by Joanna Moryani, Priyal Gandhi, Yash Shah and Manas Patil of School of Interior Design, Rachana Sansad as the first winners of the west zone. L.S. Raheja School of Architecture(B.Voc- Interior Design) bagged the second position with Vidhi Sunil Jain, Rushikesh Deepak Dhanmeher, Viraj Sharad Gawankar & Kiran Ramesh Gondal as the torch bearers.

Moving on to the residential category, Rishika Lunia, Priyanshi Rathore, Meet Dodeja and Yashika Jethwani of INIFD, Indore were the first winners from North followed by Muskan Goel, Shivangi Singh, Tanya Garg, Kartik Papreja and Renuka Manocha of IIFT North Delhi as special commendation of the category. In the Southern region, we had Likitha Kota, Eesha A and Khushi Jain R of Pearl academy and Kanak Agarwal and Devesh Agarwal of INIFD- Himayatnagar as the first winner and special commendation respectively. In the East, we felicitated two groups from Perfect Institute of Interior Design: Debarati Dutta, Tanushree Guha and Chandrima Ghatak as the first winners followed by Damayanti Giri, Twinkle Saha, Susmita Samanta and Riaj Uddin Molla for special commendation. In the west zone, L.S. Raheja School of Architecture(B.Voc- Interior Design) again took the title with Sameera Salil Joshi, Vaibhav Naresh Bees, Soham Vikas Bagwe and Purva Mukesh Satane as the first winners followed by the second winners: Khushbu Ramesh Thakur, Samruddhi Chandrashekhar Salunkhe, Manasi Purushottam Bhivsenkar, Korupolu Hema Keerthi from INIFD Ghatkopar. L.S. Raheja College of Architecture and School of Interior Design, Rachana Sansad won the Special Commendation with team members Arpitha Shetty, Jay Gehlot, Khushi Jain, Kshitija Tambadkar and Sweni Chhadva, Pankti Khuthia, Virti Jain, Disti Shah respectively.

The host then invited the National winners of SIDCA 2023 on stage to collect their golden trophies. Joanna Moryani’s team from School of Interior Design, Rachana Sansad was called on the stage for the honour while their outstanding commercial category projects were played on the LED in the background. The second position was shared by two colleges: L.S. Raheja School of Architecture(B.Voc- Interior Design) led by Vidhi Sunil Jain & team along with Bhavna Lodha’s team from J.D Birla. Pankaj Sheel’s and Aarchie Jain’s teams from Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies and INIFD- Himayatnagar respectively won the special commendation honour. National winners from the Residential category were Sameera Salil Joshi’s team from L.S. Raheja School of Architecture(B.Voc- Interior Design), Khushbu Thakur’s team from INIFD, Ghatkopar and Arpitha Shetty’s team from L.S. Raheja College of Architecture. The groups were titled as first winner, second winner and special commendation respectively. For the product design category, Measi Academy of Architecture led by team members Isshanaa S, Dhanush C P, Dhanush T and Harshita Mitruka were titled as the first winners followed by Bhupendra Vishwakarma and Sravya Shetty of L.S. Raheja School of Architecture as the second winners. Last but not the least, we closed the stunning ceremony by felicitating Manju Sharma, Kirti Mittal, Dhruv Jain, Nikhil Singh from IIFT North Delhi and Kishika Goel, Ranjita Sanyal, Riddhi Pirogiwal, Trisha Banka from J. D. Birla Institute, Kolkata for Special Commendation. SIDCA bid adieu to students, the jury and architects with a brief interview and photo session.

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