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Bringing Brazil to Bombay with Amazonia.

You taste with eyes before you do with your tongue.

You taste with eyes before you do with your tongue.

Seems like a beautiful proverb until you imagine it. But it asserts a significant point about one of the most overlooked aspects of a place- the ambience.

A captivating ambience is as important as the food and nothing compares to the joy of sitting amidst lush greens with your bowl of comfort. To bring this experience to life, Amazonia in BKC Mumbai, combines the delight of fine dining with the love of nature in a 3,350 square-foot restaurant. Conceived and crafted by Abhigyan Neogi of Chromed Design Studio, the space is a modern twist on the Amazonian Rainforest in Brazil. Since the place conceals itself perfectly amidst the urban landscape of Bandra, you will not know the surprise that lies inside until you step in.

Slightly more habitable than Amazon

While the Amazon rainforest is as real and wild as one predicts it to be, Amazonia is a symbolism of nature’s prettiest elements. When you enter this misty paradise, you are greeted with a velvety silence. A wave of comforting sophistication sweeps over visitors as they try to settle their gaze on the million beautiful things around. With so much going around and so much to look at, the place is systematically divided into three areas: the central zone, the branding wall with the dining space, and the illuminated bar.

One of the restaurants of all times.

Neogi knows what diners want. The clever use of colour theory and space making elements keep the Amazonia’s diners mesmerized. The central column is surrounded by C-shaped sofas to eliminate the design dilemma and make a spacious central space flushed with cascading planters.

The elements take advantage of the Z-axis for an imminently rainforest-like feel, bringing a sense of freshness with this biophilic infusion in design.

A treat to the eyes is the distracting, towering giraffe sculpture slightly shifted from the center, in a fashion that follows the rule of third from photography to make the place more compelling. The linear structure is surrounded by soft fabric chandeliers in various sizes, designed with intricate lacework exclusively for the restaurant.

Three men walked into a bar in Amazon..

No they were not eaten by scavengers. Instead, they enjoyed their drinks in a place illuminated with floating crystal chandeliers surrounded by tropical theme artworks and compelling greens.

Did they miss their friends from the forest? Certainly not, because a detailed corner of the space was adorned with a Cocoon Bamboo swing and a back-drop of flamingos, sculptural jaguars, cheetahs, ostriches, monkeys and ants on the walls.

Cause we are living in a commercial world.

Amazonia is one of the restaurants that stay in the memory of diners long after they visit the place. The branding is emphasized with the use of dim and ambient night lights – a perfect, Instagrammable place so that you happily advertise their restaurant 😉

A giant bookshelf painted in vibrant red adds an extra layer of character. Bold, sweeping colour tones deliberately invoke shades of the forest. While restaurants are usually dimly lit, the excessive and dramatic lighting add substance to the place, reiterating the idea of a tropical rainforest. The generous use of plush velvet, jewel-coloured upholstery and tasseled lighting give the look and feel of creepers and vines in the wild. The Venetian terrazzo flooring is made up of green cut-marble which emphasizes the tropical theme. A creamish-white terrazzo base, white marble table tops coupled with reflecting mirrors and glass all around make the place look spacious and reflect the greenery to give a multisensory dining experience in a dense forest.

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