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Society Interiors & Design - June 2024
Rahul Kadri’s journey through various architectural projects, showcases a pledge to merging functionality with aesthetics, always with an eye towards sustainability.
Sankalp Designers are setting the bar high with their innovative projects that seamlessly integrate modern aesthetics with environmental sustainability.
The Maharishi Valmiki International Airport, designed by STHAPATI architects is an infrastructural marvel.
Studio Lotus, a globally renowned, multidisciplinary design firm’s works are distinguished by `conscious design’ principles.
GPM has redefined the country’s architectural landscape through their visionary approach, collaborative ethos and legacy of design excellence.
Hiren Patel Architects transforms spaces into appealing works of art, thus redefining the landscape of modern architecture.
Space Matrix crafts unique and thoughtful designs thatstand testimony to their creativity and passion
The transformative spaces designed by Kembhavi Architecture Foundation leave an indelible mark as cutting-edge designs
Abin Design Studio assimilates conventional and modern architectural elements to design path-breaking projects.