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Ingka Centres Unveils “Lykli”: A Revolutionary Retail Destination Leading India’s Shopping Culture

India's retail landscape is on the brink of a transformative revolution, fueled by the soaring popularity of shopping malls.

India’s retail landscape is on the brink of a transformative revolution, fueled by the soaring popularity of shopping malls. With an anticipated annual growth rate of 29 percent, retail sales within the top eight cities’ shopping malls are projected to reach a staggering $39 billion by 2027. In response to the evolving consumer demands for immersive experiences and diverse offerings, Ingka Centres is introducing “Lykli,” a groundbreaking meeting place concept that challenges the conventional notions of shopping and redefines retail experiences for the Indian market.

“Lykli” derives its name from the Swedish word “lycklig,” meaning “happy,” a term that resonates deeply with the values of Ingka Centres and its future customers in India. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, Ingka Centres invited the public to share their sentiments on potential names, and the overwhelming choice of “Lykli” symbolizes happiness, vibrancy, and liveliness – all traits embodied by this innovative concept.

Scheduled to open in late 2025, the flagship “Lykli Gurugram” meeting place in New Delhi will anchor around IKEA and cater to local needs with a playful blend of dining, entertainment, and a diverse range of both global and local retail brands. Going beyond just shopping, “Lykli Gurugram” will offer high-class office facilities and spaces for community events, truly becoming a destination for entertainment, social connections, and retail therapy.

Emphasizing people and the planet, Ingka Centres has already won the hearts of its loyal customers and the industry through its dedication to sustainability. With “Lykli,” this commitment is further strengthened. The meeting place is thoughtfully designed to foster a sense of community and prioritize the well-being of over two million individuals in Gurugram. From spaces that encourage relaxation and support mental and physical wellness, “Lykli Gurugram” aims to create a supportive community that caters to the holistic needs of its local population.

Moreover, “Lykli Gurugram” stands as a beacon of sustainable mixed-use destinations for the conscious consumer. Ingka Centres is maximizing renewable energy usage, prioritizing water recycling, and implementing effective waste management and recycling initiatives throughout the development process. By addressing the conscious consumer’s desire for more than just shopping, “Lykli Gurugram” will set the golden standard for the next generation of retail destinations, bringing freshness and playfulness to the lives of the people of Gurugram.

In conclusion, Ingka Centres’ “Lykli” is set to redefine the retail landscape in India, offering a vibrant and sustainable meeting place that celebrates community, well-being, and happiness. With its innovative approach and commitment to people and the planet, “Lykli” promises to revolutionize the way we perceive and experience shopping and entertainment in India.

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