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Raaj Sree Ram Siddamsetty – Form and Space Design Consultants designs a subtle yet striking villa for Ganesh Agarwal in Hyderabad

Raaj Sree Ram Siddamsetty of Form and Space Design Consultants designs a simple yet striking villa for Ganesh Agarwal in Hyderabad.

Raaj Sree Ram Siddamsetty of Form and Space Design Consultants designs a simple yet striking villa for Ganesh Agarwal in Hyderabad.

Raaj Sree Ram Siddamsetty of Form and Space Design Consultants, is a Hyderabad-based design firm that is known for designing sleek and eloquent designs. For Ganesh Agarwal’s villa, the design team has opted for a refined approach that has resulted in a simple yet striking design.

For this 6,500 sq. ft. villa, Raaj Sree Ram has created a relaxed and chic decor as the idea was to create a design that can live through time. Enhancing and bringing out the beauty of each space through a volumetric approach is his forte. Form and Space’s design repertoire is diverse but apt for the space. Here the designer achieves a visual continuity with rough colours and textures.

A majestic doorway leads one onto the swanky living room, which is modern and ceremonial with black leather sofas flanking an onyx top centre table. The designer has used subtle tones but has accentuated the use of wood accessories. The warmth comes from the wood-clad walls. To break conventionalism, beige sofas are also a part of the decor scheme. The simple blinds and the painting depicting prehistoric life enhance the space. A highend chandelier lends a luxurious feel to the space. The room has been designed primarily keeping functionality in mind.

A little ahead one is ushered into the sumptuous dining and informal living area. The dining space is dominated by a massive wooden dining table with an Onyx top complemented by smart leather beige and black chairs, the space is very functionally efficient. The lit alcoves display artefacts while a dining cabinet has been skillfully designed below the stairway. Another dinner wagon with crockery lies close to the kitchen.

Aesthetically segregating is the warm informal living room which is a perfect relaxing zone. Comfortable and smart sofas in beige colour give a feel of space and an exclusive chic single-seater echoes style. Dazzling lighting, a wooden centre table, and indirect lighting lend a dramatic touch to the space. An exquisite wall objet d’art, sculpted in brass too is part of the decor. Making the space picture-perfect is the grey stone veneer cladding that displays the television. The dry and wet kitchen in white is well-equipped with a quartz countertop. With the latest gadgets, it is indeed the pride of any homemaker.

A design philosophy of cleaner, simpler and modern design principles has been worked out for the personal zones. Non-conventional colours, textures, and materials have been very meticulously put together reflecting a unique and special style.

The master bedroom is part of the ground floor. The tones in the master bedroom create a very soothing ambiance; the use of wood gives the required warmth. Washed in white, it is well-balanced with earthy wood tones and a smart bed is one of the highlights. The extended wood veneered panelling back-rest continues over to the ceiling where indirect light further enhances the comfortable ambiance. The metal art in an alcove is very interesting.

The home with three floors is connected through elevators and stairways. The stairway that leads to the private spaces is well-lit with glass railings and the wall here has sandstone cladding with an impressive textured effect.

The first floor houses the puja room, and the son and daughter’s rooms. The puja room for the spiritual refuge is divine with delicate stone jaali on two sides surrounded by wood rafters, while the doorway has been very deftly crafted with wood and brass. An appealing brass metal inlay of lotus and motifs on the wall is the backdrop for the idols. The puja platform is made of Indian white marble. A classy light hangs down in the center adding to the serene ambiance. Two silver elephants guard the doorway.

Primarily addressing the comfort and utility factors one notices a wellbalanced space in the son’s bedroom. Blue tones create a very soothing ambiance. The use of veneer wood in the paneling behind the leather bed and the decorative wall piece designed like the world map gives the required youthfulness. Windows with blinds, niches displaying books, and a fashionable study table too are part of the design.

The daughter’s room is characterized by bright tones in the form of rugs and cushions. A huge spacious wardrobe partly glass and a sophisticated study table with arrangements to display complete the room. The bed in leather is in tones grey. The flooring here is partly wood and partly marble.

The second floor houses the other daughter’s room and the family lounge. The bedroom is vivacious with bright-coloured bedspreads and cushions. Adding to the cosiness is the veneered panelling behind the headrest. A profile light is a striking decorative masterpiece here.

A chill-out zone for the family has been created on this floor. Green leather sofas, a comfortable grey recliner, carpet, complemented by the interesting blinds give a personal touch to the family lounge. A grey stone veneered cladded wall near with a fascinating seating option is stimulating.

A casual sit-out for night entertainment too has been created. The home is characterized by a blend of warm wood, and striking finishes. And clean lines accentuated by subtle hues that have resulted in becoming a perfect retreat for the family. Each room has a distinctive look and identity and that was done by using subtle hues in some rooms and vibrant colours for other spaces. An exquisite collection of accessories is an important component in creating the mood and ambiance in respective spaces.

Through his sensitive approach, the designer has not only weaved in the client’s requirements but also integrated his design mantra into the decor which has resulted in a home that reflects a taste for a swish ambiance.

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