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Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak – Design21 fuses traditional and modern design elements for Navneet Kapoor’s New Delhi home

Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak combines classic and contemporary design elements to create a subdued eclectic interior for Navneet Kapoor in New Delhi.

Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak combines classic and contemporary design elements to create a subdued eclectic interior for Navneet Kapoor in New Delhi.

Conceptualised and developed by Design21, this uber-luxury residential designed for Mr Navneet Kapoor is spread over an area of 1,000 sq ft. Located in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi the residence designed by Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak, Principal Architect, Design21 brings a sophisticated aesthetic to existence by infusing highlights of veneer and Indianness into a white and grey-based neoclassical-styled home. “The one-of-a-kind decor of the home combines classic and contemporary design elements for the overall home to transcend the modern and traditional differences and establish subdued eclectic interiors that gracefully serve the client’s preferences with a flair of refinement.” explains Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak, Principal Architect, Design21.

The elegant and majestic aura of this design style is captivating, while the details appear timeless and modest. Focusing on symmetry and balance, the artistic flair of the furniture and other decor elements enhance the appearance of the overall space.

Adding further insight into the design process, Nikita says, “The client has a background in design and construction, and he is also an art lover with several collections from around the world. Additionally, he is pretty explicit about his expectations, as a result of which everything was planned and organised, along with developing the concept from the very beginning.”

This home designed in classic style is a peaceful heaven with subtle designer touches. Moving forward to the strategic planning of this mansion, the living area has a soft grey background complemented by fine veneer furniture, while vintage chandeliers assimilated add opulence. Moreover, the use of warm and cool colours creates a sense of equilibrium in the environment. Magenta, blue, and rust gold set against the neutral backdrop are the highlights of the overall space. The simple plain ceiling, walls, and delicate curves on the furniture grant a serene feel to the decor. The other family lounge features plush furniture that matches the overall soothing white and grey tones of the schema, which are highlighted by opulent metallic antique decor artefacts. The material palette subsumed throughout the space is not high-end with everything shining; instead, it is tactile with abundance of texture. All the finishes incorporated constitute multiple layers of colour.

Using the open-pore painting technique, these layers of colour coating allow for more textures on a flat surface. Besides that, the decor featured an Indian colour palette and artefacts complementing the overall Indian theme of the space.

The residence included three bedrooms that mirrored the personality of the inhabitants; the first bedroom has hue of beige and olive, the second is dozed in shades of grey, and the third is in a beige colour palette. The rustic vibes, earthy tones, and cosy bedding with a hint of luxe add a sense of charm to each bedroom. Wooden textures and colours are mixed to create rooms that preserve authenticity while complementing the overall home decor. Furthermore, the use of various matt and satin textures flawlessly combine the room’s end-to-end character, adding grandeur.

The double-height foyer on the top floor is the most fascinating feature of this space, with an atrium that extends up into the terrace. The terrace includes a room with windows that stream light into the entrance foyer and a tall chandelier in an Indian classic style suspends over it. The lobby also consists of a finely crafted antique wooden and glass showcase used in conjunction with the rest of the furniture, creating a stylish and classy look. Complementing the subdued grey walls, an eye-catching dramatic console with an intricate mirror, a traditional wooden vase filled with multi-coloured roses, and lamps are also added. Together, these features work wonders for a pleasant visual retreat.

Lastly, the rustic-inspired bespoke home bar has a classic version, with the wine collection cabinetry system accomplished in shelving. The appearance and texture of the island are pretty iconic, and this is complemented by rustic cane bar stools, giving it an antique and exquisite appearance.

To sum it up, all spaces are designed following the client’s preferences and requirements, incorporating various themes. The client had speWcific requests for the bar, fireplace, and even the number of seats at the dining table. He also had a particular type of bed insight for his bedroom. Thus, the entire design is based on his preferences. The bathrooms are made up of a variety of materials. Nothing is an ordinary Italian stone; instead, Indian stone is integrated looking as the client was drawn to Indian stones with more textural features, giving the space a more deliberate and designed appearance.

The residence is characterised by the precision of crisp lines, clear shapes, calm neutral tones, and exceptionally smooth immaculate surfaces that can stand the test of time without becoming outdated. This resplendent residence is all about elegance and simplicity, with a touch of perfection thrown in. Nevertheless, it is a harmonic blend of classical and modern styles. Uniqueness, symmetry, and attention to delicate embellishment on the ceiling plane, mouldings, and walls are all features connected with this style which has resulted in a perfect retreat for the client after a hectic day at work.

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