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Namrata Jain – MAKE MY NEST’s designs a bespoke, contemporary home in Mumbai

MAKE MY NEST designs a bespoke, contemporary home in Mumbai using a neutral palette and subtle colours scheme for a family with diverse interests and needs.

MAKE MY NEST designs a bespoke, contemporary home in Mumbai using a neutral palette and subtle colours scheme for a family with diverse interests and needs.

Started in 2017 by the visionary Architect and Interior Designer Namrata Jain, the firm has been acing at projects in high end residential, commercial, hospitality and retail design segments. From celebrity homes to branded showrooms, they have designed and executed some of the best spaces and their recent project in Jogeshwari East in Mumbai is just as captivating as the others.

Spread over an area of 1,100 sq ft, the threebedroom residential project is an enduring home three-generation family. Inspired by international design concepts, this sophisticated and timeless residence is an eclectic mix of aesthetics and durability.

Starting with the entrance, the designers have used a natural, white stone cladding to create an opulent and timeless look. The clever colour contrast of the safety door and the main door has a calming effect on the spectators’ minds, compelling them to move further into the design-scape, to the hallway.

The residence features a large, open living cum dining space which is unseparated to make the area look spacious. Celebrating the richness of British culture, the living room is embellished with white furniture in PU and Black matt handles. The elegant interplay of black and white across the area gives it a chic, contemporary look. Additionally, the bright living and dining area opens up to a luxurious balcony with a mesmerizing view where one can escape the monotonous and groggy behaviour of life. To connect with the family’s spirituality, an ethereal mandir is meticulously crafted along with a dainty door made in Corian jaali. Not only does the living space hold an immeasurable aesthetic, but the functionality of its elements is what makes it awestriking.

From a humungous wood-finished mirror to a detacheable sofa designed to make the room spacious, every corner of this house is well-planned and executed. However, with all the sophisticated details and design, there is one element that makes changes a house into a home, a cozy corner where the family unites every evening- the dining table. The table is slender and long with matt polish veneer which can accommodate a large group of .Despite of its impressive capacity, the table doesn’t not look cluttered or huge in the space, instead one can comfortably sit for hours on its cane wood dining chairs. The white brick wallpaper behind the table is painted with pink and red flowers to add to the charm of this perfect setting.

For the kitchen, an intelligent arrangement of modular fittings from brands was made by the carpenter on-to avoid the expenses of a fully modular kitchen. Modern and calming shades of laminates are used for units along with a playful Dado with designer tiles. Moving further into the design, the grandparents’ room was customised to serve comfort. Following a material palette of Pastel green, Grey and white, grey is strategically highlighted as the primary colour of the room to make the furniture appear brighter. A huge sliding wardrobe, and extra seating space near the window are the brownie points of this traditionally modern space.

For their daughter’s room, the family chose a colour scheme of pink, grey and white. The utilitarian yet fun design of this space makes it one of the best rooms in the house. The L-shaped open shelves were kept as a breathing space for objects like the piano and soft toys. A combination of unicorn and stripped wallpaper along with unique ‘emoticon hanging lights’ on the balcony make this room look like a fairy tale fantasy.

Finally, the master bedroom is completely devoid of white colour to give it a warm look. The colour scheme used here was blue and grey whereas the blue floral wallpapers embellished with Patti work give a royal touch to this area.

The firm has excellently executed a dream home featuring neutral shades and a contemporary theme customised to the varying needs of the family members.

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