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Millo, designed by Minne Bhatt is a space where comfort entwines with culinary exploration

Welcome to Millo, where comfort intertwines with culinary exploration in an ambiance that feels like home.

Welcome to Millo, where comfort intertwines with culinary exploration in an ambiance that feels like home.

Step into Millo, a restaurant designed to reunite friends and family after the challenging confines of a pandemic. Inspired by the comforting embrace of home, the visionary interior designer, Minnie Bhatt, has delicately woven a tapestry of elegance and modernity at this flagship outlet. Diverse seating options beckon: outdoors, a fusion of sofas and chairs awaits, while indoors, hybrid-height tables and window-side armchairs offer unique experiences. Ascend upstairs to find a cozy living room setting adorned with couches, chairs, and thoughtfully placed consoles, inviting you to discover distinctive pockets of tranquility.

Minnie Bhatt reveals, “Our colour palette whispers softly with pastel hues – a serene pale blue below and a gentle blush of pale pink above. Each element narrates a story. Every furniture piece, lamp, and artwork was meticulously handcrafted to complement and enrich our space, cherishing the charm of our interiors. A testament to luxury and creativity, Millo embraces the modern lifestyle with exclusive, lush decor. Minnie Bhatt’s design seamlessly melds the classic with the contemporary, bestowing upon the restaurant a timeless and inviting personality. Our space exudes sophistication, boasting shades of blue and white, highlighted by a delightfully quirky floor adorned with white and grey patterns. Here, the ambiance effortlessly transitions between day and night, reminiscent of a serene summer day cradled by nature’s embrace.”

Nestled in Mumbai’s lively Lower Parel, Millo stands out, transporting patrons to the enchanting streets of Greece. With its welcoming atmosphere, Millo crafts an inviting dining experience, embracing guests like family. Whether catering to families or corporates, the spacious first floor is perfect for hosting private gatherings and vibrant parties. As the week unfolds, Millo seamlessly shifts from a warm, cozy haven on weekdays to a high-energy bar on weekends.

Millo harbors myriad untold tales, akin to a deep blue ocean. Its mystical, enigmatic aura, open to families and friends, offers delectable vegetarian cuisine. Adorning the walls are deeply historic paintings while a dedicated book corner beckons avid readers. Alongside antique furnishings and floral artworks, soft lighting bathes the space in compelling luxury. The charming ambiance and captivating interiors paint a picturesque scene, showcasing the restaurant’s vibrant corners and colourful shades, inviting guests into an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

“Millo is a warm, cosy sanctuary for quality time with loved ones,” shares Sujit Mehta, Millo’s Founder. With a soothing ambiance and tastefully spaced tables, Millo’s elegant Kitchen & Bar focuses on bespoke taste experiences. Our menu boasts a quirky interpretation of global vegetarian recipes, predominantly featuring Mexican, Italian, and European cuisines alongside a diverse range of vegan and plant-based delights. Handcrafted cocktails, featuring sustainable ingredients, introduce guests to innovative flavors. Our coffee offerings, including Pour Overs, Cold Brews, and Iced Americanos, elevate the afternoon experience, sourcing premium beans from Chikmagalur’s Mandal Khan Estate.” says the proud owner.

At Millo, the culinary journey is a reflection of the restaurant’s essence – dishes bursting with flavour, presented with a modern flair. As the sun sets, Millo transforms, presenting a diverse array of beverages and craft cocktails using fresh, homemade ingredients, adopting modern techniques while remaining waste-management-friendly. From Shades of Emerald and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood to Pink Fiesta and Junkanoo, our drink menu transports guests through a symphony of flavors and experiences.

Bid adieu to cravings and indulge in a myriad of flavors under one magnificent roof at Millo, where every moment promises culinary delight and heartwarming hospitality.

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