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Coconut Boy reinvents the typical Goan experience in Mumbai with its`beach shack-like’ ambience.

The Restaurant Coconut Boy recreates the quintessential Goan experience in Mumbai by offering Goan cuisine and `beach shack-like’ ambience. 

The Restaurant Coconut Boy recreates the quintessential Goan experience in Mumbai by offering Goan cuisine and `beach shack-like’ ambience. 

Get ready to embark on a culinary journey to the beautiful shores of Goa with ‘The Coconut Boy’ the new restaurant in Bandra West, Mumbai. This classic Goan restaurant promises an unforgettable experience with its authentic Goan food, classic tropical cocktails, and live music that will transport you straight to the sunny beaches of Goa.

At the heart of Coconut Boy is the unstoppable trio, the formidable trio of Hitesh Keswani, the visionary behind renowned dining establishments like Silver Beach Cafe, Opa, Akina and Estella in Mumbai; culinary virtuoso Chef Rohan D’Souza, known for igniting Goa’s flavors with his inventive concept, Pisco by the beach and others like Lazy Goose, Toro Toro and Blue Turtle in Goa and Praveena D’souza, a stalwart in the world of hospitality and partner with Hiteshs and Chef Rohan at the Goa outposts who is fueled by an unwavering commitment to preserving and sharing Goa’s rich culinary and cultural traditions. 

The concept behind The Coconut Boy restaurant in Bandra was not just to create a dining space but to bring a slice of Goa’s vibrant culture to the bustling streets of Mumbai. Interior Designers Rahul Thakkar and Sheldon Pereira of Right Brain Design embarked on a journey to capture the essence of Goa’s relaxed Susegad vibe while maintaining a beach shack-like atmosphere—a tropical dream amidst the city’s chaos.

When asked about aligning the design with the restaurant’s brand and cuisine. Hiitesh Keswani, the Founder of The Coconut Boy says, “We’re thrilled to bring the true flavours of Goa to Bandra West. Our aim is to transport our guests to the lively streets and beautiful beaches of Goa through the food we serve, the cocktails we create, and the atmosphere we curate. We want ‘The Coconut Boy’ to be the go-to destination for those seeking an authentic Goan experience right here in Mumbai.”

 The clarity in brief allowed the design team to delve into the project, conducting extensive research and brainstorming, leveraging their studio’s location in Goa to authentically infuse Goan culture into every aspect of the restaurant. The seating arrangement played a pivotal role in shaping the restaurant’s lively ambiance. The design strategy focused on an open, dynamic space with flexible table arrangements, minimizing fixed seating. Vibrancy and comfort intertwined seamlessly through carefully chosen furniture—stripped couches, bamboo chairs adorned with printed upholstery, and terrazzo table tops.

A warm colour palette envelops the restaurant, with accents of yellow, peach, and red to welcome patrons into this high-energy space. Tall plants and vibrant artworks further enhance the tropical feel, complementing the design’s vivacity. Custom-made elements were essential in defining the restaurant’s character. A 20-foot tropical artwork hand-painted on subway tiles, accompanied by camouflage netting and large cane light installations, encapsulates the desired shack vibe, contributing to an authentic Goan atmosphere.

The primary objective of the interior design was to transcend the ordinary dining experience. The design team envisioned a space that felt like home—warm, vibrant, and inviting while meeting the elevated standards of a restaurant. The design aimed to speak stories through its hues and shades, resonating with the restaurant’s principles and exuding positive energy.

The Coconut Boy’s target clientele is diverse, catering to families seeking a cozy meal, couples in search of romance, and friends yearning for a lively gathering spot. The restaurant embraces inclusivity, aiming to attract those who appreciate the authenticity of Goan flavors and the genuine taste that defines the region.

Over all, its décor to culinary offerings, The Coconut Boy is a testament to the belief that a dining space can transcend mere functionality. It’s a space where people of diverse backgrounds converge, savoring not just delectable dishes but a holistic experience that encapsulates the spirit of Goa within the heart of Mumbai.

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