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The Laughing Tiger by, Danza Del is an architectural masterpiece where design and joy converge

Nestled along the serene shoreline of Goa, lies a breezy restaurant and bar The Laughing Tiger  where every experience is turned into a memorable masterpiece.

Danza Del Design’s expertise for Laughting Tiger is a vibrant masterpiece, seamlessly blending technical mastery with artistic finesse. The dynamic colour palette and intricate details showcase the designer’s exceptional skill, redefining the boundaries of design.

Nestled along the serene shoreline of Goa, lies a breezy restaurant and bar The Laughing Tiger  where every experience is turned into a memorable masterpiece. The design reflects the free spirit of Ridhima Singh, the founder of Danza Del Design and takes one to a world where innovation and nature seamlessly intertwine creating a fun-loving sensory experience. The idea of the restaurant was perceived by none other than Ridhima Singh who wanted to create an Asian-funk Bar that would evoke a sense of freedom and fun in design. As the name suggests ‘The Laughing Tiger’, the intention was to be wild as a tiger while feeling at your best and having fun till the sun sets.

As one enters the restaurant, you are welcomed by a captivating bar and a seating area. The space is divided into three segments- A bar counter with stools, an open space in the centre and another division that leads to a different level. The space features an all-day dining restaurant on the right and a poolside cafe on the left which makes the bar at the center easily accessible for everyone. A 19-foot-high bar lies at the heart of the space which is adorned by various delicacies that redefine the design concepts. Every element in the design revolves around the Asian theme including the food and the environment. 

A vibrant colour palette is followed in the design which evokes a sense of boldness and weaves an enchanting tapestry. The design team considered the climate of the region and offers a grandeur accentuated by a retractable roof to cover the seating area that allows one to bask in the glory of the sun or revel under the starry night sky. The bar’s maroon-black-gold colour scheme adds an air of opulence, inviting one to indulge in the finest libations in style. “At the front, the bar features the tail of a tiger on display that uses a yellow backlight that juxtaposes the overall design. It houses three racks for displaying bottles and uses ACP sheets to mimic a glass finish. The roof is done with wooden shaded ACP sheets and adorned with hanging greenery from the top along with butterflies and twinkling lights. This helped to keep the space cool in the harsh climate of the region.” Explains Ridhima Singh.

The design keeps one on their toes as the designers further bring the Asian essence into the air. Inspired by the Japanese Kaizen idea, the bar features hanging bamboo lights gently swaying overhead, casting a warm and inviting glow that integrates with the overall design. Further, to achieve different gradients in design, iron rods were cut, painted and installed with lights for a brassy and opulent feel. The leftover rods were reused in the seating panels which reduced wastage. A small bench made of granite is placed across the bar which is topped with a pop-out umbrella adorned with lights. The umbrellas use a dominant midnight blue shade that adds to the Asian theme. To infuse a play of textures, the team incorporated glow-in-the-dark tables made of concrete and terrazzo which not only provided a rough and edgy look but also evoked a high-design art. 

The team of Danza Del Design tries to incorporate sustainability by collaborating with local artists and minimising waste in design. A wall beside the bar is adorned with clay dishes that replicate the Tokyo art. The art was created on-site with various artists and 3D paints to make a stunning feature in the bar. Moreover, an interesting element of the bar was the stools which were famous for the way they were made. They featured blue upholstered seating with a brass finish that added to the theme. The backs of the stools were adorned with coasters of tiger and tigress enjoying drinks with Indonesian caps reflecting the Asian culture. 

As the whole design followed an Asian-funk theme, the menu and other elements also showcased hints of the same. The menu was designed with the existing colour palette of the bar where red created a bold effect along with deep midnight blue which was dominant on hints of maroon. A touch of yellow and ochre was added for aesthetics along with the graphics of a tiger and tigress having drinks. Every element in the design enchants the Asian theme curating a fun and free-spirited environment.

The Laughing Tiger turns every encounter into an indelible work of art. Its design showcases the seamless blend of technical mastery and artistic finesse, where craftsmanship narrates a tale, and each experience becomes an enduring narrative.

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