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These bathroom hardware products on offer are a mix of style, technology, and luxury.

The bathroom and sanitary ware segment in India is one of the fastest-growing segments in the country’s architectural industry.

Industry experts highlight the significant shift shaping the bathroom hardware industry, with a growing focus on style, technology, and luxury.

The bathroom and sanitary ware segment in India is one of the fastest-growing segments in the country’s architectural industry. The sector has seen a significant transformation in the last few years, with innovative products and advanced technologies being introduced by leading brands. As an important aspect of architecture and interiors of a space, hardware may not always be in focus, but it is what brings a space together – practically and aesthetically.

Sanitary ware was for long considered a low-involvement functional product segment. Today, users love trendy interior design for their homes and are hygiene conscious. With everything in a living space shaped up to provide comfort and desire, bathrooms are not left far behind. Bathrooms are becoming an experience zone, with wash basins that match the design of the shower and water closets that match the design language of the faucet. From statement mirrors and sculptural tubs to bright hues and indoor-outdoor showers, bathroom design has come a long way. When choosing bathroom accessories, consumers look for style, cutting-edge technology, and luxury. They are obsessed with the speed and efficiency that technology brings, and this is where these bathroom fittings step in.

Throwing insights on some of the emerging trends in the bathroom hardware segment for the year 2024, Mr. Tirthankar Sarkar, Sr. Country Manager, VitrA Bathrooms India, says, “As a comprehensive bathroom solutions brand, VitrA foresees vibrant shifts in bathroom hardware design for 2024. The trend encompasses colourful fixtures that take center stage, injecting personality and style into bathroom spaces. The continued popularity of floating shelves emphasizes a clean and contemporary aesthetic, offering both visual appeal and functional storage solutions. The rising trend of using mixed metals is expected to gain momentum, providing a sophisticated and eclectic look in bathroom hardware. These emerging trends align with VitrA’s commitment to creativity and versatility, offering consumers diverse options to customize their bathrooms according to individual preferences and design.” 

Vikas Pandita – Senior Product Manager – Surfaces and Water Solutions – Hafele India Private Limited, adds, “Indian market has been very dynamic as far as the design choices of the bathroom hardware are concerned. The design & aesthetic sense of the consumers has evolved over the past decade. Traditionally, Indian consumers used to prefer value for money products and simple chrome-plated durable designs. However, the trend in the past few years has moved to sleek designs with more focus on the finishes like rose gold, brushed copper, matt black and gun-metal. New trend is to match the finish and design of bathroom accessories with bathroom fittings as far as possible to give a uniformity to the overall look and feel.” According to Ar Komal Mittal and Ar Ninada Kashyap, Principal Architects of Alkove-Design, “Clients are leaning towards more personalized and unique vibes for their bathrooms. Smart and connected features with an emphasis on technology-driven features are becoming a big thing too. Sustainability is on everyone’s minds, hence the use of eco-friendly materials and water-conserving designs are also in demand. People are leaning towards sleek, modern, and minimalist styles.” 

In the last few years, bathrooms have incorporated functionality with convenience. It has identified itself in an individual’s personality and lifestyle. To enhance the appearance of bathrooms, the demand for tiles, sanitary ware and bathroom fittings has proliferated across the country. Users today are looking for concepts rather than just products. Shapes, finishes, textures and tones – picking bathroom fittings that are all from the same design family is the cheat code to build an easy aesthetic. Sharing about the patterns, textures, or materials that are likely to gain prominence in the market, Mr. Ajaay Srinivaas, Founder, Nuance Studio says, “Looking ahead to 2024, Nuance Studio anticipates a surge in specific patterns, textures, and materials. Concrete, in particular, has captivated attention for its distinctive aesthetic and durability, with Nuance Studio leading the way through its innovative Litheoz Concrete technology. Offering a range of products, including Concrete Wash Basins, Wall Panels and Bespoke furniture in 16 standardized colors and multiple textures, Nuance Studio’s design philosophy revolves around the versatility and collaboration with professional product designers, catering to dynamic market preferences.” Tirthankar further adds, “Matte finishes in faucets are poised to be a dominant trend in the market. The sleek and understated elegance of matte surfaces adds a touch of sophistication to bathroom hardware. This finish complements various bathroom styles, from modern to minimalist, providing versatility in design.” Priyanka Singh, Founder and Studio Head of Chalk Studio feels that materials that will gain prominence include, those that can withstand chlorinated water stains, are easy to maintain while keeping their original sheen intact, anti-bacterial and water phobic materials and sealer coats for natural stones, which can act against porosity. 

The bathroom fittings industry is constantly evolving, with new materials, designs, and technologies being introduced regularly. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to the development of smart bathroom fittings, such as toilets, showers, and faucets. Parallelly, the bathroom fittings industry will move towards a more luxurious and personalised approach. Nuance Studio is honing in on trends that play with shadows and lights, offering an exciting and dynamic visual experience. “We find immense inspiration in the interplay of light and shadow and believe it adds a layer of intrigue and sophistication to bathroom aesthetics. Additionally, we are actively developing dynamic surface textures that interact with light in captivating ways, aiming to introduce a unique and visually compelling element to bathroom designs. Our commitment is to bring innovative and transformative elements to bathroom spaces, enhancing both style and sophistication”, concludes, Ajaay.

Overall, the bathroom hardware industry is likely to continue to evolve to meet changing customer needs and preferences. Leaf through these stunning future-focused bathroom hardware products that are taking over the Indian sanitary ware industry. 

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