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The most trending Single Seater for your personal spaces

What better way to unwind — lazing on a comfortable single-seater with your cuppa and a favourite book!

What better way to unwind — lazing on a comfortable single-seater with your cuppa and a favourite book!

Singledom Rocks…and I say so not because of any clichés attached to it, but because there is something very attractive about it! There is something special about your own unshared space, a way to connect with yourself…take you pick from here.

Farouh Accent Chair, Dash Square

This single seater evokes European charm, promises to create a contemporary mood with classic values. The linen-weave upholstery is decidedly relaxed. The neutral shade complements colour schemes and aesthetics aplenty—especially spaces with a cottage-quaint, farmhouse feel.

Single Seater

Canonbury Chair

Creatively crafted with a unique combination of striped and plain fabrics in contrasting shades gives this classic chair a chic twist. Brass rivets add to the rich look. This is a easy to use and can fit into different décor styles.  

Single Seater

Cane Boutique

With its beautiful curves, this high-back chair features a wooden frame and faux leather upholstery epitomizing modern classic style. The tufted seat and backrest bring additional details to the finely crafted piece of furniture.

TIP Armchair

Conceived in collaboration with the MiMilan-basedolombian designer – Santiago Luna, the elegant armchair is a generously proportioned chair with a wooden frame that comes with seat cushions in a range of delightful colors. Warm earthy tones meet pastels to evoke a comforting vibe, making the chairs compatible with any contemporary space.

MADS Creations

Candy colours are the latest interior trend to add punchy brightness to a space. And this collection of accent chairs by MADS Creations is in perfect line with the trend. Upholstered in luscious velvets with plain or self-print, the chairs showcase fine contours with utmost finesse. A careful combination of fine materials and finishes, along with high style and comfort results in strikingly luxurious chairs. 

Single Seater

The Granada Single Seater: Champagne leafing, finest velvet upholstery and hand carving put together to create a piece that exudes opulence and panache. With high, sheltering backrest and bended arms, this seat blends total solace and style. The beauty of the product lies in its exquisite hand-carved intricacies.

Single Seater

Ochre at Home’s majestic Dove Chair showcases an exquisite design defined by intricate handcrafted details and one-of-a-kind wood carvings that are reminiscent of the Victorian era. It exhibits unique designs and exquisite workmanship. It is a piece of furniture, which can be passed from generation to generation as an heirloom.

With ss many option on hand, we guess your search should end here … take your pick.

 (PS: The range is available for all — single and the married!)

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