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Nirmals Furnishings offers Trending and Luxurious international fabrics.

Nirmals Furnishings launches Le Motif, MOBJE, Güell Lamadrid and Coordonné at its store in Delhi.

Nirmals Furnishings launches Le Motif, MOBJE, Güell Lamadrid and Coordonné at its store in Delhi.

Carrying forward a formidable legacy, Sachin Chauhan, Director, Nirmals Furnishings, keeps bringing new ideas and insights that ensure the brand is at the vanguard of creativity and innovation at all times.

Nirmals Furnishings

Having joined the family business 20 years ago, he has taken keen and holistic interest in every aspect of the brand’s growth. He is the staunchest supporter of the age-old saying, “Customer is the King”, which the company abides by. And that has contributed to the stupendous success of the brand. What has also worked is the cutting-edge creativity and versatility the brand brings to its product offerings and services.

“I introduced some very well-known international brands to the Indian market, Armani Casa being one of them. Today, my team works with some of the most revered names in the Indian design fraternity, which wasn’t the case earlier. We are also increasingly working towards offering more and more exclusive products to our clients. To facilitate ready availability, we have started maintaining very good inventory levels of such products.” says Sachin.

The brand has recently announced the launch of four new international brands namely –Le Motif, MOBJE, Güell Lamadrid and Coordonné.

 MOBJE is aninterior art brand that reinvented materials and techniques used in traditional Japanese hat making, where the producers sew and knit the materials and customers who, then rearrange their shapes by bending or folding the millinery fabrics to add new individuality.

Güell Lamadrid hasmore than 45 years of experience, Güell Lamadrid is the leading textile editor in the high-end decoration market for designs that combine elegance and originality. The brand offers printed, plain, embroidered, and stain-resistant fabrics of great quality.

Coordonné isa family-run company from Barcelona with over 40 years of experience in the creation of high-quality wallcovering and fabric collections. The company is led by a team of young, creative minds who are revolutionizing the wall covering sector; using innovative techniques to bring a new approach to interior design.

Atelier Le Motif offersexclusive pieces of design and decoration, all made by hand that propose a dialogue between the characteristics of each artistic gesture proposed by the creators. Atelier Le Motif’s pieces are the result of fluid connections between the possibilities of visual arts, memories, plasticity, materiality and poetry.

Orion’s fine woven fabrics are a delight to behold with their fresh shades and beautiful textures. They effortlessly add depth to the spaces they decorate. And unlike the European bouclé fabrics, there is no wool content in this collection, making it a more suitable and practical option for Indian weather conditions.

Tigris offers a range of exquisite jacquards paying tribute to the most beautiful animal in the wild, the tiger! The collection was conceived during a camping trip to Jim Corbett by Sachin Chauhan. He was so mesmerized by the beauty of the tiger and the local stories around the beast that he was inspired to create a collection around it. While the organic patterns bring a stylish vigor with them, the impeccably woven jacquards lend the collection richness and an extra dimension.

“We, as a brand, intended to be a catalyst in initiating an exchange of ideas between our clients and our team through our products. At our flagship store in New Delhi, we look forward to hosting a series of wonderful dialogues between the creativity of our clients and our offerings that result in stories that are just perfect and worth conversations and more dialogues.” says Sachin. 

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