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Lend your bathrooms a contemporary makeover by browsing through these striking tiles designs.

Lend your bathrooms a clean and contemporary makeover by choosing from these eye-catching tiles designs.

The bathroom is one area of your home where you will spend a lot of time. You want to create an inviting space that you will enjoy occupying as you start your day or get ready for bed. Choosing the perfect bathroom tiles is a crucial step in designing your bathroom. Just like a show stopping necklace can accentuate the look of an outfit, similarly, creative bathroom tile designs have the power to elevate and transform one of the most utilitarian spaces in the home.  Tiles play a highly important role as they not only waterproof the bathroom but also determine its overall look. With so many tile options available in the market in terms of materials, shapes, sizes, finishes, colours and patterns, choosing the best option for the washroom can become confusing.  Bathroom floor tiles are becoming increasingly popular and ornate. Not only are there a wider variety of designs and patterns, there are more tile materials to choose from. This may seem like an unimportant detail to some, as long as the fixtures work and nothing is leaking then no changes need to be made. However, recent trends are proving that updating the bathroom is one of the most valuable renovations you can make in your home. 

Sharing his expertise on the perfect kind of tiles that will help transform the look and functionality of a bathroom, Sudhanshu Pokhriyal, Chief Executive Officer, Bath and Tiles Business, Hindware Limited, says, “Choosing bathroom tiles require careful consideration, particularly for moisture-prone areas like shower walls. Ceramic and porcelain tiles stand out for their exceptional vitreous properties, ensuring minimal water absorption. Hindware’s Italian Collection Tiles presents a diverse range of ceramic and porcelain tiles renowned for their durability, water resistance, and effortless maintenance. With their versatile designs and practical features, these tiles effortlessly blend style with functionality, making them an ideal choice for any bathroom setting.” He further adds, “Hindware offers an extensive range of tiles designed to meet all your needs. Our collection includes Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT), Ceramic Tiles, Full Body Tiles, and Porcelain Tiles, ensuring that we have the perfect solution for every corner of your home or commercial area. Our tiles are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life. They are scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, and highly non-porous, making them exceptionally durable and easy to maintain. This means our tiles not only retain their aesthetic appeal over time but also require minimal effort to keep clean.” Xxxx from IVAS Homes, says, “When it comes to bathroom floors and walls, porcelain and ceramic tiles are recommended as they are water-resistant and can be easily maintained. These tiles come in a variety of styles, colours, and patterns, allowing for versatile design options for any kind of bathroom aesthetic. While choosing tiles for bathrooms, it’s also important to consider slip resistance to ensure safety in wet conditions.”

If you are looking to update your bathroom, one area you need to consider in your new design is the flooring. Bathroom floor tiles are readily available in various materials, styles, designs and colours so you have a few choices in front of you.  Providing details about their tile range, xxx from xxx says, “Johnson has four verticals in tiles alone and offers over 4000 tiles for interior and exterior tiling. As the most innovative and research-oriented company, H &R Johnson has developed tiling solutions which are unique and first time in the market. Anti-static tiles for server rooms, cool-roof tiles to reduce the temperature of rooms below the open terrace, anti-skid tiles which can make surface anti-slip even when it has some slope and wetness to our latest offering – X-Ray shielding tiles for scanning rooms in hospitals, are some of the examples.” He further informs, “When it comes to size, Johnson is the only company which offers more than 20 sizes. From pretty 4-inch x 4-inch legacy tiles to the giant 8 feet x 4 feet porcelain slabs! Under our Endura vertical, we provide tiling solutions for Industrial and other special flooring which include parking, swimming pool, out-doors and shop floors.”

There are countless tile options that will look great in your bathroom, including modern mosaic tile, marble-look tile, waterproof vinyl flooring, wood-look tile, sheet vinyl bathroom flooring, large format bathroom tile, matte and honed finishes, textured and non-slip flooring, terrazzo bathroom tile, and geometric design tile. Minal Somany, Brand Custodian, Somany Ceramics says, “When it comes to bathroom makeovers, several tile trends have emerged as popular choices. These include Large Format Tiles, Marble-Look Tiles, Subway Tiles, Matte Finishes and Mosaic Tiles. By incorporating these current tile trends into your bathroom makeover, you can create a stylish and functional space that reflects your personal style and enhances your daily routine.” Alongside adding oomph to your bathrooms, floorings must also incorporate features like anti-slip and anti-fungal properties. Minal informs, “In the bathroom or kitchen, safety and durability are paramount considerations. Somany Ceramics offers a range of tiles specifically designed to enhance safety and durability in this space. For bathroom and kitchen floors, we recommend tiles with anti-slip ratings of R10 or R11, featuring a grip coefficient of A*. These tiles provide secure footing, especially in areas prone to water spills, ensuring safety for all users. Additionally, tiles with anti-fungal properties help maintain a hygienic environment by preventing the growth of mould and mildew in wet areas specially kitchens. Furthermore, our tiles are built to withstand the moisture-rich environment of the bathroom, ensuring long-lasting performance and ease of maintenance.” Xxxx further adds, “GVT (Glazed Vitrified Til         es) floor tiles are an excellent choice for bathroom walls. They lend a contemporary aesthetic to the decor with a consistent appearance of the same shade, tone, and pattern throughout the space, creating a cohesive and modern ambiance.”

While you select on the tiles, that perfectly suits your restroom, you might have some queries about what you can and can’t do while remodelling or renovating your home or can you install floor tiles on a bathroom wall? Offering her expert insights on the same, Minal adds, “If you want to place floor tiles on the walls of your bathroom, make sure they are made for vertical use. Wall-mounted floor tiles from Somany’s Slip Shield or Duragres series can be firmly fixed using the correct adhesive, such as polymer-based Somany EZY Fix tile adhesives.”

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, a little bit of tile can go a long way. Make a statement with these creative bathroom tile ideas that is all you need to design the bathroom of your dreams.

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