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The Manjushree Manor, Bengaluru designed by StoreyBoard Design whispers secrets of luxury.

The Manjushree Manor, designed by StoreyBoard Design is an urban oasis that whispers secrets of luxury, in the heart of Bengaluru. 

Architect Swathy Sivaraman of StoreyBoard Design, strongly believes design is a manifestation of one’s convictions, which translates into inspirations and concepts. While designing the Manjushree Manor in Bengaluru, she drew inspiration from the ‘Elements of the Earth ‘and seamlessly incorporated them into various spaces within the residence. For this project which spreads across 14,000 sq. ft., what originally was a floor with four apartments, was transformed into a single luxurious unit combining them all, for a family of seven. Explainging the client requirement, Swathy says, “The goal was to design a luxury home with each bedroom to reflect the personality of its occupant while seamlessly blending into the overall aesthetics of the home. 

The focal point of the formal living area is a breath taking magnificent custom designed Sans souci chandelier that contains about a thousand glass elements to mimic the flow of water depicting the rivers of India. Enter the informal living area through a grand 10-foot automated metal-embossed wooden door to discover a spacious family living area, featuring a luxurious orange/tan colour Roberto Cavalli sofa set and a stunning mirror LCD that doubles as an art piece when not in use. The dining area showcases a backdrop of individually carved and cut mother of pearl pieces by local artisans with metal frames fixed to form a luxurious backdrop. The opulent metal & Veneer partition provides the required privacy during the grand dinners hosted by the family. The Puja room emphasizes on space and light and is inspired by the serenity of sunlight. An intricately patterned jaali partition is carved from a monolithic pure white marble, harmonizing beautifully with the mother of pearl sliding screens positioned in front of a fixed glass backdrop. 

“Each family member wanted a bedroom room that was a reflection of their personality and aesthetic. The suite-like master bedroom features backdrops made of jaali and marble with metal inlay, a stunning Turi bed set, and ample sunlight trickling through the large windows against an isolated chaise lounge and a dressing table cum study. The son’s room is absolutely masculine, with a striking jumbo Fendi headboard against suede and lacquered wall panel, cluster coffee seating, and drama created with layered blinds in his sit out with hues of beige, gold and blue. The son’s bathroom is a visual stunner, with monolithic marble used throughout, ample lighting, and spaciousness. In contrast, the daughter’s room is minimalistic and chic, with a Melerba cot, a stunning mirror LCD, and beautiful panelled curtains. Her walk-in closet boasts of ample storage. The grandfather’s and guest bedrooms have a character of their own, with a blend of wood and marble, striking cots, and elegant bed backs. The 12-seater mini theatre, showcases a large projector alongside a mix of recliners and lounge seating. Unlike traditional home theatres, characterized by dark and loud tones, this one boasts elegant light beige tones throughout, with monolithic design extending from floor to ceiling, accentuated by a contrasting wooden floor.

The residence boasts luxury in every detail.  Marble carvings, gold foiling for the ceiling, and crystal and glass chandeliers enhance the opulence of the living spaces. Additionally, Metal jalli, fabric sandwiched glass doors, various marbles, Mother of pearl inlay, add an element of sophistication. The guest zone and the family zone are perfectly separated that made the palatial house into a home. The corridors, treated like walkways in a museum gallery, create an awe-inspiring experience at every turn but the hidden gem is the neatly tucked away concealed rooms in the corridor for laundry, ironing, and storage.

“We take immense pride in our contribution to this project, delivering a luxurious interpretation of design. The residence epitomizes elegance, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and a refined sense of luxury”, concludes Swathy. 


Photography Credits: Archceptions_Nisheet Dodia 

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