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Ruby Goswamy, Amit Goswamy and Rajkumar Kumawat – Design Square design exemplifies elegance and opulance

In the present day, transforming any space into a home-like environment, whether it’s a compact space or a lavish villa, requires innovative thinking and meticulously space planning. The Agarwal Residency, situated in a plush locality in Jaipur, is one such visually and spiritually delightful home.

This residence is designed by a team of talented architects and interior designer that includes Ruby Goswamy, Amit Goswamy and Rajkumar Kumawat, of Design Square. The Landscape was handled by Harsh Mittal and Anika Mittal while Kapil Sarawagi was the structural consultant for this project.

With a built-up area of 6,500 sq. ft., this residence in Jaipur showcases a fusion of modern minimalistic design with elegance, while also celebrating art and textures as a form of conveying joy. The construction extensively incorporates brushed travertine for its ornamental charm in embellishing the residence. At the same time, wood and marble are utilised for the structural framework, leveraging their weight-bearing characteristics to great advantage. This home has been carefully designed to accommodate four bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, a kitchen, and a lounging area. Each space is well integrated with both large and small landscaping elements. The designer have focused on using art and textures to define the interior spaces in a way that reflects the client’s preferences and lifestyle.

A neutral palette of materials has imbued distinct spaces within the home, enhancing the visual and tactile decorative experience. The occupant’s keen sense of design is evident in the chosen antique decor pieces that create a striking contrast against the contemporary design backdrops. These thoughtful selections infuse personal touches into the living space, adding a sense of uniqueness and character to the home.

According to our belief and that of the clients, the home fulfills to serve as a tranquil haven and maintains a constant link to the outside. The entryway of the house consists of a plantation-style pathway bordered by lush greenery and a modest water feature that guides you to the interior of the house. The landscape around the entrance additionally features layers of dense shrubs and delicate flowers, illuminated by the warm glow of natural light. 

As one moves ahead and enters the home,  the first thing that catches the eye is a living room with double-height ceilings, adorned with stylish pendant lighting. This aesthetic detail complements the contrasting crimson and grey upholstery, creating a dynamic and visually appealing atmosphere.

The design of the dining area seamlessly extends from the living room, integrating traditional authenticity through subtle elements and a minimalist furniture arrangement. Ornate intricacy is evident in the door frames and furnishings, which are complemented by vintage lamps and furnishings in mellow colors, imbuing the living space with a warm tonality and graceful ambiance. This effect is further enhanced through meticulous attention to lighting, layout, and views.

Moving ahead from the dining area, is one of the four bedrooms. The other three are spread across the other two floors, each with its unique features. One bedroom takes center stage with its prominent textured fabrics, while the other highlights its simple yet sophisticated marble wall panels and wooden flooring, creating a distinct and personalized space.

Like the other areas of the house, the master bedroom exudes warmth and inviting nature. It subtly boasts of its upholstery fabrics, draperies, and exquisite woven fiber rugs. Nonetheless, the room’s highlighted aspect is its spacious windows allowing for abundant natural light and fresh air circulation while showcasing scenic views of the surrounding greenery. The aesthetic of the secondary bedroom is defined by the intrinsic wall panels, which serve as anchoring elements.

A deliberate approach to lighting has been employed in the house, incorporating both general and ambient systems to create different moods. The lighting setup comprises recessed spotlights, cove lighting, and pendant lights that offer indirect dimming or focused illumination to highlight paneling details and decor. This results in a pleasant and harmonious ambiance that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space by blending the room’s colors with light and decor.

By maintaining a consistent theme of exclusivity, amiability, and informality in its design, the home effectively breaks away from the subtle formality of traditional spaces, highlighting the free-spirited character of the space. The installation of an indoor swing serves to enhance the ambiance and highlights the meticulous spatial composition. 

Overall, the design exemplifies elegance, with subtle details defining opulence and making their presence known. The main objective of this project was to incorporate unique details and transform the space into more than just a well-designed house. The ultimate goal was to create an ambiance that evokes a sense of belonging and comfort, conveying the message, “We have finally arrived home.”

Project Details:

Design Team:  Ruby Goswamy, Amit Goswamy, Rajkumar Kumawat, Entire team of Design Square

Landscape : Satatv (Harsh Mittal, Anika Mittal)

Structural Consultant : Spectrum (Kapil Sarawagi)

Location: Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur

Area (Sq.ft): 6500 Sq.ft

Completion date: October 2022

Initiation date: January 2020

Budget: Confidential

Photo courtesy: Capture India – Ayush Ostwal
ACP/Glass/Concrete : Saint-Gobain / Ultra Tech

Sanitary ware/Fittings: Grohe

Flooring: Italian & Wooden

Furnishing : Golden Drape / D’Decor

Furniture: Stanley

Air Conditioning: Mitsubishi

Kitchen: Sumanglam

Lighting: Hybec

Paint: Nerolac

Art/Artifacts: Armonia / Mukesh Gupta Art Gallery / Kuber

Elevator : Kone

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