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Ranjeet Sharma – 3A Composites India speaks about 3A Composites India (3ACIN)’s journey and their latest market range

Ranjeet Sharma, President & CEO of 3A Composites India spoke about 3A Composites India (3ACIN)’s journey and their latest products in the market.

Ranjeet Sharma, President & CEO of 3A Composites India spoke about 3A Composites India (3ACIN)’s journey and their latest products in the market.

Can you share with our readers a brief history of 3A Composites?

3A Composites is a Swiss multinational and a global leader in aluminium composite material (ACM) or also commonly known as aluminium composite panels (ACP). The flagship brand ALUCOBOND® was invented in 1969 and since then has become synonymous with ACM/ACP. The company operates a state-of-the-art facility near Pune in India, with a fast, automated production line that ensures high-quality products with consistency. These products are sold in India as well as exported globally.

3A Composites infrastructure, quality control, environment, health, and safety are among the best in the world. The company is certified for quality management, environmental management, and health and safety management, and holds international certifications, including Class 1A Product Certification from TUV Singapore.

Can you tell us about the range of products?

3A Composites products are renowned for their quality. With ALUCOBOND®, the company was the first to introduce PVDF-coated aluminum composite panels in India followed by ALUCOBOND® PLUS (a fire-retardant version), and then ALUCOBOND® A2 (a non-combustible ACP). All these products are highly sought after due to their lightweight, rigid, and formable characteristics.

In addition to the ALUCOBOND® line, 3A Composites also offers ALUCORE® – aluminum honeycomb panel, which has an aluminum honeycomb core between two aluminum skins and has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

This panel is ideal for not only facade cladding but also roofing that is exposed to a strong wind load.

The company also offers ALUCOLUX® – solid aluminium panels. It features multicoat multi-bake process on a continuous coil coating line using the highest grade of PVDF/FEVE paint system. This process not only ensures colour consistency and longterm durability but also renders it noncombustible (Al Classification).

What is the USP of your product range?

With the 3A Composites brand at the helm, exceptional quality and outstanding performance are a given. But the company doesn’t just stop there. We elevate customer experience to the next level through our comprehensive Value-Added Services (VAS) offerings, ensuring that the finished product is not just top-notch in its quality, but also masterfully crafted and refined to perfection. The company offers a suite of services, including madeto-measure (M2M) panels, perforation services, and Panel Optimization, a process that calculates the most efficient use of panels for a given facade design and layout using specialized software.

Can you please elaborate for our professional readers on the highlights of (VAS) offerings panels and ALUCOBOND?

M2M panels are tailored to meet each customer’s unique specifications and are precisely cut, routed, drilled, and notched at the factory level for seamless fabrication and a smooth transition from flat sheet to the final product. The perforation service, which allows for design customization, is expertly executed with the superior workmanship and decades of experience of 3A Composites, guaranteeing exceptional results. The Panel Optimization service helps to minimize waste and ultimately saves costs for customers.

ALUCOBOND® has a long and successful global history, with a presence in India serving customers since 1995. It has been utilized in various landmark projects worldwide and in India for various applications, including facades, roofing, soffits, ceilings, column cladding, 3D shapes, and more.

Can you tell us about your Make in India initiative? And how ALUCOBOND® has redefined architectural structures worldwide.

3A Composites began producing Aluminum Composite Panels in India in June 2007. The Swiss company has invested heavily in the country by setting up a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, offices, hiring skilled workers and building a strong sales and marketing network. This aligns with the Prime Minister’s “Make in India” initiative. 3A Composites credits its success to its management’s focus on health, safety, and quality systems, and its team’s commitment to meeting customer needs. The company has a global presence with over 4,000 employees and 27 manufacturing facilities and offices across four continents. ALUCOBOND® is a leader in the field of aluminum composite material and is recognized as the premier choice for ACP. Its advanced technology has revolutionized the design and construction of facades worldwide, making a lasting impact on the industry. “ALUCOBOND® has completely changed the architectural landscape with its innovative technology and design

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