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It’s time to breathe healthy with KENT.

Did you ever think of the amount pollutants that we inhale every second ?

Did you ever think of the amount pollutants that we inhale every second ? Don’t worry, KENT has a solution. The brand’s latest range of Air Purifiers are designed to remove Bacteria, Viruses, dust, smoke and pollen to treat indoor air pollution with ease. The Air Purifier Machines are equipped with HEPA filter & UV LED, along with other advanced features while the 3-stage air purification mechanism removes air pollutants, more than 0.3 microns in size. To improve air quality the purifiers come in 3 categories:

1.KENT ALPS PLUS UV is an advanced Air Purifier with UV LED and purity indicator that filters out air pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and germs with just a few clicks. The device has pre-installed timer settings and buttons to control speed.

2.KENT ALPS comes with various features like an in-built ionizer that removes odour, air quality sensor, filter change indicator and a child lock feature. 3.KENT AURA also comes with multiple features like air quality sensor, in-built ionizer etc. but is also the ideal purifier for a room up to 270sq.ft and can run for 8 long hours!


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