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Here’s how an out-of-the box idea translated into ‘the ideal office’.

Krishnakant Parmar and Vipuja Parmar extensively uses brick to design a unique office for a developer in Ahmedabad.

Krishnakant Parmar and Vipuja Parmar extensively uses brick to design a unique office for a developer in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad-based Krishnakant Parmar and Vipuja Parmar, Lead architects of UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative) are known for designing unusual interiors. For this corporate office for a developer in Ahmedabad which is surrounded by dense urban fabric the arhcitect had to think out-of-the box as the site is located in an upcoming Residential area of Ahmedabad. It has on-going construction sites all around. As the site area experiences lots of unwanted noise with the movement of heavy vehicels all around the day.

The talented couple conceptualized the projects in such a way that it created layers of spaces enveloping the main built- mass. These layers are envisioned as buffers to create climatically comfortable inner spaces. We have designed a grand entrance with free standing walls. A double-height volume open to sky is created at the entrance. The double-height volume contrasts with single height internal spaces. This creates an interesting spatial disparity within the space at the entrance level.

For the external Facades the layers are modified to envelopes of Brick walls open to sky. The Brick wall act as a light edge externally. Internally, the built mass opens up into a centric courtyard. The courtyard is also enveloped or wrapped with the Brick wall around. There are openings designed on the South and West side to escape the harsh sunlight. The openings are designed as upright and inverted arches. The composition of these arches creates an interesting edge condition. Interesting patterns of light and shadow is created on the internal solid wall and on the floor of the corridor, all around the day. The play of light and shadow creates a dynamic effect in the internal spaces.

All the working spaces are then, articulated around an Internal courtyard. Each space is buffered by a Light edge on the outer side and internally, opens into a Courtyard. Centric internal courtyard plays a dual role to connect the internal spaces and realise it simultaneosuly, connecting with the green and the sky. Courtyard and the Light edge helps to create sufficient buffer for the peaceful working of the internal spaces.

The courtyard is surrounded by corridors and deep verandah spaces. The verandah space is widely used during different times of the day for informal meetings. The seating space designed in the verandah provides a respite from the heat. It also gives an interesting view of the corridor with upright and inverted arches followed by the play of light and shadow, throughout the day.

Explaining the advantages of materials, Krishnakant Parmar says, “The exposed brick wall is used with exposed RCC finish. Natural stone is used for flooring. Furniture works are done with wood and veneer. The finishes are selected to give a natural and serene experience to the entire space.”

Overall, the office has a unique identity because of its unusual material palette and skillful design.

Photographs: Maulik Patel

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