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Kamdhenu Realities office designed by Homework Designs, is a mood board of eclectic charm and positive vibes

Facing the palm beach road, this 4000 sq. ft. office spaces has been designed by Ar. ShabbirLilamwala, Ar. MurtuzaLilamwala and principal designer PritiDahibavkar of Homework Designs.

Kamdhenu Realities office in Navi Mumbai designed by Homework Designs, is a mood board of eclectic charm, subtle nuances and positive energy all around.

Nestled along the pristine Palm Beach Road, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai, where the azure waters of the Arabian Sea meet the sky in a breath-taking panorama, lies Kamdhenu Realities office space, a beacon of innovation and creativity in the corporate landscape. More than just a place of work, this meticulously crafted space transcends the conventional, offering a symphony of art, design, and technology to redefine the essence of the modern workplace experience. Facing the palm beach road, this 4000 sq. ft. office spaces has been designed by Ar. ShabbirLilamwala, Ar. MurtuzaLilamwala and principal designer PritiDahibavkar of Homework Designs.

Explaining the clients brief and requirements, ShabbirLilamwala, Principal Architect and Founder at Homework Designs says, “We have crafted a design that balances both functionality and aesthetics well. Incorporating rich materials like lacquered veneer wall panelling and back-painted glass adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the workspace, while the use of laminate for staff tables ensures practicality and durability. The subtle infusion of colour and “bling” enhances the visual appeal without overwhelming the space, maintaining a harmonious balance in the overall decor. We have successfully tailored the design to meet both the practical needs and the stylistic preferences of our client.”One of the defining features of this avant-garde workspace is its seamless integration of artwork throughout the premises. Every corner of the office serves as a canvas for expression, with carefully curated pieces adorning the walls and common areas. From captivating sculptures to thought-provoking installations, each artwork tells a story and sparks inspiration, creating a dynamic and immersive environment for employees and visitors alike. “Central to this artistic narrative is the celebrated artist, Mr. Deoghare, whose works form the cornerstone of the office’s curated collection. His distinctive style and unique perspective infuse the space with a sense of sophistication and cultural richness, reflecting the vibrant spirit of the surrounding community”, informs Shabbir.

The reception area serves as the welcoming face of the office, where visitors are greeted and directed. The combination of marble finish textured tiles, gold metal accents in the form of trim, and lacquered veneer walls adds depth, warmth, and visual interest, while also reflecting the upscale and refined nature of the client’s brand. Shabbir further adds, “Designing each director’s cabin to suit their individual personality is a thoughtful approach that ensures each leader feels comfortable and inspired in their workspace. We combined leather, metal trims, wooden and marble floors as per each Director’s preferences and lacquered veneer walls were tailored to reflect the unique style and preferences of each director. Each cabin is designed to accommodate the specific needs and preferences of the directors while maintaining a cohesive design theme throughout”. The 12-seater conference room is a key space for meetings, presentations, and collaborations. It is equipped with the necessary technology and has been designed to foster productivity and creativity. The staff area accommodates the majority of the team and is for comfort, productivity, and collaboration. Consideration is given to workstation layout, seating arrangements, and access to natural light. The discussion rooms are smaller meeting spaces that offer flexibility for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, or private discussions to facilitate communication and creativity.

As far as the material palette is concerned, the combination of marble and wooden flooring offers a luxurious and balanced foundation for the office space. Incorporating lacquered veneer adds a sleek and polished finish to the cabinetry and furniture, further elevating the design with its glossy surface. The use of leather upholstery and accents adds a sense of luxury and comfort to the interior design. Metal trims introduce a modern and sophisticated touch to the design, whether it’s through fixtures, hardware, or decorative accents.Bronze glass and back-painted glass contribute to the overall aesthetic by introducing subtle yet impactful elements of color and texture. Finally, textured tiles offer an additional layer of depth and dimension to the design. Shabbir further informs, “By incorporating a combination of COB lights, diffused lights, and profile lights, we were able to create a dynamic and versatile lighting scheme that enhances the overall ambiance and functionality of the office space. This thoughtful approach to lighting design ensures that the workspace is both inviting and conducive to productivity, while also highlighting the architectural and design elements that make the space unique.”

Speaking about the challenges the team faced while executing the projects, shabbier adds, “Navigating through the challenges of a pandemic lockdown while still successfully executing a design project is no small feat! It’s impressive how we adapted to the circumstances by utilizing virtual communication tools like Zoom to maintain collaboration with our client and finalize designs remotely. Despite the physical limitations of being confined to our homes, our ability to coordinate effectively and keep the project moving forward demonstrates resilience and resourcefulness. This experience likely enhanced our team’s flexibility and ability to work efficiently in diverse circumstances, showcasing our adaptability and commitment to delivering results even in challenging times.”

By carefully planning and designing each of these areas, the design team created a workspace that not only meets the functional needs of the company but also enhances the overall experience for employees and visitors alike, all while taking advantage of the breath-taking views offered by the location.In the face of unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic, the teams commitment to excellence prevailed. With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication, Homework Designs transformed adversity into opportunity, crafting an office fit for the gods—a testament to their resilience, innovation, and unwavering pursuit of perfection.

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