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We spoke to DINESH VYAS, Building Material Expert, Prism Johnson Limited to know more about their journey, trendy range and value-added services to customers.

We spoke to DINESH VYAS, Building Material Expert, Prism Johnson Limited to know more about their journey, trendy range and value-added services to customers.

H & R JOHNSON is the pioneer of ceramic tiles in India. Today, they enjoy the reputation of being the only entity in India to offer end-to-end solutions for Tiles, Sanitary ware, Bath Fittings, and Kitchens. Over the years, they have scaled heights of success and are one of the trusted brands providing solutions in various segments.

Tile Solutions

What are the evolving trends for tiles in the market?
Tiles cover walls and floor surfaces which are exposed and contribute to the aesthetics of the designed space. So, tiles need to support the trend in the styling of interiors, rather than capturing the centre stage in isolation. However, a few major shifts in tile preferences for flooring tiles are – larger sizes, lesser shining, and minimalism in designing. Preference for larger tiles continues for wall cladding also. Using thin (3mm-6mm) large porcelain slabs and elevation tiles on external walls are also a popular choice on the rise.

What are the value-added services that tile makers are offering to professionals and other buyers?
H & R Johnson has been very proactive in consumer guidance. Co-creating products with architects and designers has been another initiative of Johnson. Instant 3D application visuals or sharing tips and guides for tile installations are some other value additions. Talking about services to individual house builders, unlike the paint industry, tile installation is still not in the offering yet. I am sure, sooner or later more services will be available to the consumers as two major issues related to tiles are – correct installation and the right selection of tiles. In many cases, problems arise not due to bad tiles, but bad installation and wrong selection of tiles.

As an expert, what are the tips you would recommend to buyers in selecting the right type of tiles?
The absence of right and sufficient information in the public domain about building materials is resulting in everyday disappointments. More so in tiles, because there is a general tendency to choose tiles purely on visual appearance. And just by asking ‘is it vitrified?’. Tile varieties have grown. What you picked up from the internet, may not be the whole truth in the case of a modern variety of tiles. For example, your socalled high-cost‘ vitrified tile’ may get scratched more easily than an ordinary ceramic floor tile! It’s not about the failure of quality, it’s about understanding the characteristics of tile. One, tile may not perform equally well in all conditions and applications. Two, tiles looking very similar may have different characteristics. Please don’t assume, you need to demand for the right information, seek facts on technical parameters, and then decide.

What, according to you, can differentiate a brand in the tile industry where unorganised sector dominates?
Let us understand the history of H&R Johnson in India. Johnson Tiles started its journey in 1901 from England and started making tiles in India since 1958. The impressive legacy, latest products, and successful business for over six decades is a great combination that makes Johnson, a unique brand. Also, Johnson brought the host and most of the tile innovations in India, for example – anti-skid tiles, germ-free tiles, scratch-free tiles, anti-static tiles, swimming pool tiles and heavy-duty tiles for Industrial usage environments. Consistency in everything that a brand promises is the single most important differentiator and I think this is one of the main reason Johnson has been one of the top brands for such a long time.

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