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Here’s what your favourite designers have to say about their projects.

Name of Designer: Shagun Singh

Name of Designer: Shagun Singh

I was born in Mumbai, India in 1979.

My favourite structure (designed by someone else): I recently saw a home designed by Vishaka and Muninder Chowdhury for the Indian actor Abhay Deol, in Goa. In this home, I liked the tall ceilings and the extensive use of glass. The lush greenery surrounding seamlessly connects the outdoors with simple, elegant and minimalistic interiors.


I am inspired by: I love Steve Cordnay’s simple yet classic designs. I love his use of earthy and white finishes. I admire Sara Sham, I love her spirit and her attitude.

Design to me is: Design to me should be simple, elegant and
easy to maintain. The home looks warm and inviting. A space should be designed to reflect the user’s personality. I wish I had designed (and how would that have been different from now): I don’t look at the design from that perspective. Because design is your own sensibility and no matter how much you like someone else’s work you will always tend to go back to your own style. And that’s what makes design beautiful.

My worst design: I don’t really have the worst design. Every project is designed with great love and passion. Once I start designing then for me I am suddenly in a zone where I feel like I am designing for my own home so when I finish I feel the same joy and sense of accomplishment after each
project is done.

My best design: I think one of my best projects would have to be a house, I did in a small gated colony in rail Vihar. The turnaround was really phenomenal from how I was given the space. Another of my favourite projects was a home I did in Palam Vihar for a young couple. Small spaces always tend to end up looking just cute and gorgeous. My signature design element (one element
without which no design of yours seems complete): I like to incorporate arches
and cornices, as they lend a unique identity to any space.

To unwind I (hobbies other than architecture): I love travelling, I think what you
see through the lens of a traveller is unmatchable. I picked up knitting during the first lockdown and taught it to myself. It’s really the most therapeutic thing to do and really calms my nerves . I do love reading too but don’t do as much of it now as I used to.

If I was not an architect :I was a hotelier before this and I loved every day and
every moment of it. If it weren’t for the crazy hours I would still do it.

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