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A company dedicated to good design is Bhise and Associates, led by Chhand Bhise and Madhavi Bhise.

A company dedicated to good design is Bhise and Associates, led by Chhand Bhise and Madhavi Bhise. Everybody’s dreams are realised through the company. “Good design is that which reflects the character of those occupying the space. It goes beyond just being aesthetically pleasing and practical, says Chhand Bhise.

Although the team’s primary goal is to create a design that meets the client’s needs, they believe in keeping the design straightforward. Our designs are uncomplicated, and have open layouts, and clean lines.

Together, they strive to take a unique approach to architecture and interior design services by first getting to know each client’s personal preferences for style and functionality.

For different societal segments, Bhise & Associates design a variety of projects, including commercial, residential, healthcare, hospitality, landscape design, luxury bungalows, and architectural projects. The firm makes an effort to ensure that its projects are created in accordance with the potential of the concepts and with the fullest satisfaction of its clients.

In Conversation with Society Interiors and Design the team shares their unique style and future vision:

What do you think is the most unique thing about your portfolio?

We have always thought that leaving a legacy of trust, discipline, and commitment to a cause will motivate others to follow in your footsteps. Our ability to be adaptable and effortlessly integrate changing lifestyles with emerging technologies has enabled us to produce a portfolio that is both diverse and well-rounded.

What is your future vision for your firm?

In order to reach the desired outcome, Bhise and Associates feel that thorough investigation, robust research, and a coordinated strategy are necessary.

Bungalow Interiors In Goa.

This bungalow is designed for a highprofile client amidst the lush green locales of Chandor in Goa. This holiday home is aesthetically designed by Bhise and Associates to accommodate a family of three. The architecture has a vast feel and is also practical. A simple yet eye-catching interior was designed with a modern and contemporary flair, bedrooms are peaceful and restful. The use of a sophisticated material palette has been explored.

The client’s lifestyle has been taken into consideration as they experimented with a variety of colour schemes, textures, and designs. The design is functional along with a sense of spaciousness.

And the end result is a perfect personal retreat for the client.

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