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Discover Smritivan: A Tribute to Resilience and Remembrance

Welcome to Smritivan Earthquake Memorial, nestled on Bhujiyo Hill in Bhuj, Gujarat, India. Designed by Vastushilpa Consultants, Smritivan transcends traditional memorialization by blending reverence with community engagement. Spanning 470 acres alongside the historic Bhujia Fort, it stands as India’s largest modern memorial.

A Sanctuary of Solace and Celebration

Smritivan, meaning “Forest of Memories,” honors the courage and resilience of Kutch’s people. At its heart, the Sun-Point offers breathtaking views, symbolizing hope and renewal. The memorial boasts the world’s largest Miyawaki Forest, nurturing over 300,000 plants, ensuring sustainability and serving as Bhuj’s green lungs.

Pioneering Sustainability

Powered by a 1.1 Megawatt solar plant, Smritivan exemplifies self-sustainable, renewable energy. Its 50 check-dam reservoirs not only bear the names of nearly 13,000 earthquake victims but also recharge surrounding water levels, fostering new life amidst ancient rocks.

A Journey of Reflection and Renewal

Spanning 11,500 sq. mts, Smritivan houses seven unique galleries, each a blend of education and innovation:

· Rebirth: Explore Earth’s evolution and ancient civilizations of Kutch.

· Rediscover: Experience Kutch’s resilience and natural diversity.

· Restore: Remember the 2001 Bhuj earthquake and its aftermath.

· Rebuild: Witness Gujarat’s collective recovery efforts.

· Rethink: Learn global disaster response strategies.

· Relive: Experience the 2001 earthquake through immersive simulations.

· Renew: Pay tribute to victims with interactive digital ceremonies.

Smritivan is more than a memorial; it’s a testament to hope, unity, and preparedness. Join us in celebrating resilience and remembering lives lost in a setting that blends history, sustainability, and community spirit. Visit Smritivan, where memories live on and the future is empowered by the past.

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