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Designed by Tejomaya Designs, this Pune home offers a perfect balance between minimalism and modernity.

Spread across 7,000 sq-ft, this home located in Pune is done up with minimalistic elegance, peppered with modern design elements.

Crafted by Ar. Ekta Ahuja of Tejomaya Designs, this residence in Pune strikes a delicate balance between minimalism and modernity.

Spread across 7,000 sq-ft, this home located in Pune is done up with minimalistic elegance, peppered with modern design elements.  Every area in the home has an ornamental focal point woven into the visual story of the space. Whether it’s the design on the walls or the unconventional colour combinations, it all comes together to draw the eye in, without being overpowering. Designed by Ar. Ekta Ahuja of Tejomaya Designs, the home’s interiors aim to balance evolving aesthetics with a hint of elegance and minimalism. A soft vocabulary that carefully tailors a profound sense of home, unique to its residents.   Explaining more about the client’s requirements, Ekta says, The client wished for a minimalistic home with the elements that create a serene and clutter-free space. Through the use of whites and Satuario marble flooring as the base, the color palette remains understated. Italian furniture with clean lines and simple forms aligns with the minimal aesthetic. Incorporating contemporary furniture pieces that follow the same principle adds to the uncluttered feel. This concept ensures a calm, open atmosphere while highlighting the elegance of each design element.”

The achievement of this minimalistic home design lies in its meticulous approach to creating a serene and clutter-free environment. By starting with a base of whites and Satuario marble flooring, the color palette remains subdued and light. The choice of Italian furniture with clean lines and simple forms perfectly aligns with the minimal aesthetic, providing functional elegance. Ekta says, “To execute this concept, careful selection of contemporary furniture pieces that adhere to the same principle of simplicity was key. Each element, from seating to storage, contributes to the uncluttered atmosphere. Open spaces were maximized, allowing for a sense of airiness and calm to permeate throughout. This design approach ensures that every design element lends the space to shine, emphasizing their individual elegance. The result is a home that exudes tranquility and modernity, where form follows function in the most harmonious and aesthetically pleasing way.”

The living room stands as the heart of this home. Bathed in the soft glow of natural light, the space exudes a tranquil elegance that draws people in. The seamless Satuario marble flooring reflects a sense of luxury, while the custom-made Italian furniture and fixtures showcase meticulous craftsmanship. The living room’s design embraces minimalism, allowing each element to shine with purpose and grace. Its spacious layout and well-planned arrangement create an open, inviting atmosphere that encourages gatherings, conversations, and shared moments. The soothing colour palette of whites and subtle shades promotes a sense of calm and harmony. “The living room is a canvas of comfort, elegance, and shared memories, making it a place that truly feels like home. The walls and floors adorned with exquisite Satuario marble create a seamless and opulent ambiance. Imported Italian furniture and custom-designed light fixtures perfectly complement the space”, informs Ekta. The lavish Turkish carpets underfoot add a touch of warmth and sophistication. With state-of-the-art automation, this living room offers a modern and convenient lifestyle, combining functionality and style in every corner.

The master bedroom, welcomes one with engineered wooden flooring. Veneer paneling on the walls and thoughtfully selected custom wallpaper create an atmosphere of refined luxury. The Italian-crafted furniture stands as a testament to both style and craftsmanship, all harmonizing beautifully with the serene olive green color theme. “This master bedroom offers a tranquil retreat that seamlessly combines elegance and relaxation. The master bathroom, a sanctuary of tranquility is designed in elegant shades of beige and brown, accentuated by the timeless beauty of marble. The luxurious jacuzzi beckons you to unwind, while the soothing steam feature adds an extra layer of relaxation to your experience. This is a space where luxury meets functionality, offering you a haven of comfort and rejuvenation”, says Ekta. She further continues, “State-of-the-art automation elevates the living experience. With cutting-edge automation systems in place, residents can effortlessly control lighting, climate, and entertainment, enhancing convenience and modern living.”

The meticulous choice of materials, such as the Satuario marble and veneer paneling, adds a touch of timeless luxury. The use of engineered wooden flooring in the master bedroom and the incorporation of Turkish carpets bring warmth and texture to the space. The minimalistic color palette of whites, beige, brown, and olive green fosters a serene and soothing environment. This carefully curated palette complements the design elements and ensures a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic. The Italian furniture and light fixtures, custom-made to fit the apartment, add an exclusive touch. This level of customization ensures that every design element perfectly aligns with the overall vision for the space.

In the design of this house, basic Vastu principles were thoughtfully integrated to promote harmony and positive energy flow. “The placement of rooms and areas followed Vastu guidelines for proper orientation, ensuring that the main living areas face favorable directions to receive optimal natural light and energy. The entrance was positioned to align with auspicious directions, inviting positive energy into the home. A well-designed entrance also ensures a smooth flow of energy throughout the space. The master bedroom was situated in a favorable direction, providing a sense of tranquility and balance. Additionally, incorporating earthy tones and soothing colors in the bedroom design promotes relaxation and well-being.

The selection of materials and colors also took Vastu principles into account. The use of marble, wood, and specific color palettes enhances the positive energy within the living space”, concludes Ekta.

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