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Creating a sweet suite in Bangalore

Anand Sweets in Hennur, Bengaluru, designed by I’m D’sign has a quirky and playful ambiance.

Anand Sweets in Hennur, Bengaluru, designed by I’m D’sign has a quirky and playful ambiance.

The Retail cum Restaurant design industry is booming, and with fierce competition, every owner wants unique decor and ambiance. Moving away from the usual design store design I’m D’sign has given a different and opulent feel to Anand Sweets’ new store in Bengaluru.

As we all know that when it comes to Indian culture a fresh start always calls for a box of sweets–be it as an offering for the divine or a token of love shared with close ones. These candied sentiments are perfectly housed in Anand sweets at Hennur, Bengaluru, which brings together delectable palettes and tasteful details for a wholesome retail experience. Explaining the design details Dhruva Kalra, Principal Designer says, “As the first post-pandemic store of the renowned brand, the space adapts to a lively and fresh aesthetic that breathes new life into the brand’s retail experience that has been designed by our team.”

Innovative Design Approach

The first step for the design team was to revisit the brand’s image post-pandemic life and then incorporate new requirements. Bringing in greenery as an intrinsic part of the space, among the other sensorial elements such as colour palettes, lighting etc. created a new identity. The linear stretch of the space introduces green pockets as a part of the dining experience while the retail side is outweighed by immersive material palettes and their decorous composition. Every detail of the design speaks for positivity, with the vibrance of the space that yearns to counter the covid gloom and encourages people to step out, meet up and celebrate.

Adding insight on the different types of seating options Dhruva explains, “The total built-up area of the retail + diner is 286 sq. m. where the diner hosts most of the seating. Conceived in pairs of 2s, 4s, the functional core of the seating design is made to accommodate all kinds of visitors, both families and social groups, while leading them into an immersive experience. The seaters are flushed in bright light from the standalone pendants at one point and wall-bound profile lights on the other. Bespoke fixtures pop up at every dim nook to keep the celebrative character alive, while the creative partitions and green-lined cabins shed light into the intimacy of the seated experiences.”

The celebrative spirit of the sweets reflects in the material, design and, colour story of the space in a way that there is energy, coexisting with comfort. It is where the bolder hints of a radiant tangerine have the company of the warm accents of wood and cane. The assortment gets a contemporary edge with the stripe statement of the slatted walls, tapering silhouettes of the tables a,nd arciform curvature of the frames running all across. The mixed media palettes of marble, mosaic and polished gold come together to signal the plush character of celebrations that also comes out as a playful mix of vibrance and fun.

The retail ambiance is roofed under a bespoke ceiling structure that brings out a playful rhythm of arches with profile lights and chandeliers that wrap around an exposed ceiling creating a channel for ambient lighting. The ducts refuse to shy away and take after the tangerine palette to paint the space in the hues of celebration. Tiered displays and glass encasements in neutral whites best complement the intricacies of the ceiling and create a visual demarcation of the retail space from the diner, making Anand sweets a host for collective experiences.

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