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This architectural masterpiece stands as a testament to RituGupta’s design dedication

Ritu Gupta, Founder and Interior Architect, Nadora has designed a luxurious villa 139 Surya Niketan which is nestled in a residential area on a 250 Sq-yards plot.

From its striking corten steel façade to its meticulously curated interiors, this architectural masterpiece stands as a testament to Ritu Gupta’s dedication to crafting spaces that seamlessly blend elegance, functionality, and natural beauty.

Ritu Gupta, Founder and Interior Architect, Nadora has designed a luxurious villa 139 Surya Niketan which is nestled in a residential area on a 250 Sq-yards plot. Spread over three levels. This Villa design embodies the fusion of elegance, functionality, and comfort, offering a serene retreat that harmonizes with its natural surroundings.

While designing the interiors of this villa, the single most pursuit of  Ritu Gupta was to weave a unique aesthetic narrative that definitely set it apart both visually and experientially. From the exteriors to the interiors, every element was thought out with care to create an expression of elegant luxury and sophistication that is grounded in the naturalness of the materials used.

The modern majesty of the exteriors commands attention and curiosity amid the busy urban scape of East Delhi. The imposing façade emerges as a statement of style, creativity and luxury. The triple-height glass elevation offers a peek into the splendorous interiors, further stirring the interest of onlookers.

One of the most admirable design highlights is the symphony of corten steel, textured paint, concrete finished tiles and luna wood and glass on  the façade exudes a chic earthy, yet sophisticated appeal.The concrete finished tiles impart a refined look that stays fresh through the seasons. The cantilevered projection in MS structure offers visual interest.

The interiors traverse diverse styles and genres of design. Explaining the concept in detail Rutu Gupta says, “The concept evolved out of our philosophy to offer luxury living that is a glorious treat to all senses. Step in, and you feel a multitude of emotions sweep over you in a celebration of beauty, joy and harmony. Natural light flooding every corner of the wonderful volumes of the villa brings a palpable vitality. Modern aesthetics are made timeless with the use of classical materials in combination with the latest ones. Arresting multi-materiality and its layered application is truly the highlight of the interiors. And, a hint of glamour added to the mix keeps the spaces feeling forever young and vibrant. Combine this with world-class amenities and comforts, and you have a firm foundation on which nuanced details have been customised as per the needs and aspirations of each member of the family inhabiting the home.”

A predominantly natural palette brings out the opulence of the high-quality natural stones such as Michelangelo, Newton grey, JSL stones, rich wood tones, fine veneers, luscious textiles, metals, glass and luxury wallpapers, filling the environment with rich textures. Carefully selected jewel tones in the form of textiles, wall details and artworks impart the right dose of accent notes.

A bunch of strikingly bold features, such as the lift entirely made of glass that offers a beautiful view of the interiors of the house the cascading 32-feet chandelier hanging from the triple-height ceiling which is visible from the outside through the glass elevation; the 9-feet-high veneer-clad doors with internal frames in aluminium that ensure a long life introduce awe-inspiring luxury into the interiors. Hints of gold sprinkled across the home offer a touch. The full-height aluminium door and windows with an anodized finish are from the Japanese brand Tostem Lixil.

Each space boasts a distinctive material and colour palette borne out of the end user’s specific needs, resulting in unique ambiences that are tied together with a harmonious thread.

There is a warm and welcoming sitting area at the entrance that is filled with the freshness of plants, while also giving a hint of the luxe interiors.

In the living spaces, opulence meets superior comfort and lived-in ease. Beautifully panelled walls and ceilings create luxuriously intimate environments, while the sumptuous seating segments have been curated to exude a high sense of style, as well as conviviality and comfort.

Carefully customised to the T, the bedrooms demonstrate personalisation and character. A mix of materials such as lacquered glass, veneers, bespoke wallpapers and classical mouldings radiate exquisite details. The master bedroom balcony has cosy corners and sitting areas for reading or enjoying a cup of coffee.

Designed to aid a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation, the bathrooms showcase quiet elegance. A bold floral pattern mosaic feature wall forms a stunning decorative element in one of the bathrooms.

Lighting has been planned to enhance the environment, adding a sense of awe and wonder. Scaled upstatement lights inject the wow factor into the interiors. And a clever blend of warm and cool lighting ensures a charming ambience in each space.

Bold and mellow, dazzling and subtle – a disparate mix of themes is balanced in such a way that the resultant luxury embraces you in a warm hug and gently elevates your mood, completely making you feel at home.

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