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Rachna Sansad’s alumna creates a design trend

Suvarna Joshi, a Rachana Sansad alumna, is a talented interior designer who approaches each of her projects with moral integrity and a strong technical foundation. After finishing her education, she began her career at Space Dynamix, followed by ZZ architects, where she honed her design skills. Suvarna affirms, “Every project must carry a good concept till the completion – without losing the original concept midway.”

The essential ethos of Intento Architects is embodied in its founders Mandar Joshi and Suvarna Joshi, who are young in vision and dynamic in intent. They combined their considerable design and business expertise when they joined forces in 2012 to establish Intento Architects.

The Akira Abode
A cosy Mumbai home that’s a clever manifestation of the client’s personality, the Akira Abode is a great example of a minimal and cosy home that brings nature inside the home. Designed as a modern luxury abode, it accommodates a highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing design.

The client desired a modern and minimal home, which feels more open and uncluttered. The 1,500 sq ft abode comprises three bedrooms, besides living and dining areas, that spread seamlessly through the kitchen and a balcony. Clean lines and a muted colour scheme define this home that is tastefully elegant, practical and welcoming. The furnishings and decor add a pop of vibrancy and break the monotony of the colour palette.

This luxury home’s living and dining area is a flawless bright and airy space with thoughtfully curated furniture and decor pieces. The living area features a flexible furniture layout aided by magnetic lighting that runs along the ceiling. The dining area comprises a six-person, custommade dining table with a marble table top and a striking vignette. It flows into a contemporary kitchen with matte white cabinets, a grey backsplash, marble countertops, and state-of-the-art appliances. As the family loves to cook, the kitchen also has ample storage.

The bedrooms are simple yet elegant. The master bedroom is an inviting space, which showcases a symmetric design and a grey colour palette. The decorative 3D wall covering behind the marble framework takes the role of bedrest and adds a contrast to the neutral palette. The victorian walls with a wooden panel that hides the conduits of the TV unit bring in a calm and clean look.

“It is always good to reflect the client’s personality while designing a home, without seeking typical trends that revolve around the design world. In the end, it is all about loving what you have created. While it is significant to learn from the trends and materials, it is also essential to translate them to fulfil the client’s needs.” Suvarna Joshi.

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