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PVR Directors Cut, designed by Architect Smriti Raheja Sawhneyis a luxurious cinematic haven,exemplifying opulence.

Celebrating an illustrious 20-year journey in the world of Architecture and Design, Ar. Smriti Raheja Sawhney, the Founder of DesignEx, brings a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail to every project.

Architect Smriti Raheja Sawhney is the mastermind behind the creation of PVR Directors Cut, a luxurious cinematic haven, exemplifying opulence, nestled within Ambience Mall in New Delhi.

Celebrating an illustrious 20-year journey in the world of Architecture and Design, Ar. Smriti Raheja Sawhney, the Founder of DesignEx, brings a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail to every project. Raised in an architectural household, her upbringing instilled in her a deep appreciation for the nuances of design. With a commitment to revolutionary design, while remaining firmly rooted in practicality, Smriti’s ventures extend far beyond the ordinary, crafting spaces that inspire.

PVR Directors Cut, a lavish cinematic experience, is one such venture, executed by her, which stands as the epitome of opulence in the Ambience Mall, New Delhi. Spanning over a generous 8,000 sq ft, this cinematic haven seamlessly blends modern amenities with vibrant design elements and intricate details.

Right from the entry, the design language emphasises on luxury and opulence, greeting the patrons through brass-glass doors. Upon entering, the unconventional English green reception table, adorned with leather lined front panels and fluted moulding, radiates a regal charm. The chakra logo is inlaid on the wainscoted marble panelling on the side walls, meticulously treated with delicate mouldings to achieve a refined metallic finish. The lighting fixture, reminiscent of classical aesthetics, illuminates the area in a golden glow, setting the tone for the opulent experience that lies ahead. 

To the right of reception is the sushi counter that has been given a modern look, transformed from dated Japanese aesthetics. Here, the decor elements such as wooden panels and reflective mirrors on the columns, enhance the culinary experience, along with the live counter that offers fresh sushi. The base colour palette of warm chocolate browns combined with gold and bronze accents sets off the sense of opulence, serving as an eccentric choice for a cinema. The ambience is complemented by comic artwork of cine stars adorning the walls, reflecting the vibrant brand identity of PVR.

 The vast lounge area unfurls with a voluminous grandeur, accentuated by high ceilings, abundant metal accents, warm lighting, and the vibrancy of the furnishings. The wooden flooring, intricately laid in chevron imprints, adds a touch of sophistication. Classic chandeliers intermingle with ceiling LEDs, layering a luxurious glow over the interiors. The ornate ceiling divides the lounge visually into two different zones. Intricate details adorn the ceiling, walls, and columns, evoking nostalgia with their decorative frieze and mouldings. The columns, cleverly fashioned to emulate bookshelves, exude a literary charm. Plush couches in earthy browns and blues, complete with side tables, offer a comfortable respite, a departure from the commercial aesthetics. 

Even the washrooms exude a sense of lavishness in its purest form. The women’s lavatory features the finest pink onyx, the opulent marble available in India. Continuous panels of wallpaper envelop the space, creating a tropical vibe that complements the blush tones of the onyx. The Statuario marble exudes luxury, with fittings adorned in metal accents, tailored for the most discerning clientele. In stark contrast, the men’s washroom unveils a monochrome marvel. Laser-cut marbles, intricately crafted with patterns of black and white, evoke a mosaic allure. The wallpaper, with its artful design, elevates the space to an experiential level, inviting patrons into a sensory journey.

 Moving beyond, the left wing of the foyer hosts the popcorn bar, an expression of freshness and European charm. It exudes an air of continental elegance, reminiscent of a London cafe. Marble mouldings adorn the facade, paying homage to classical aesthetics. This space serves not merely as an antechamber, but as a prelude to the cinematic experience that awaits, inviting patrons to indulge in both luxury and culture.

 Within the cine hall, every detail is meticulously planned for utmost comfort and luxury. Spacious sofa arrangements, complemented with towing tables, exude opulence with different themes, representing each hall. The first hall, known as Den, embraces the ambience of a grand library in a small area. The walls are adorned with book spines to emulate the ambience of a library. Gentle, focused lighting emanates from table lamps, imparting an intimate glow upon eager viewers. In the second hall, a lush tropical oasis awaits. Here, the ambience is a departure from the ordinary, as vibrant green carpets and exotic accents transport guests to faraway paradises. The fusion of cinema and tropical aesthetics is an unexpected delight, breathing new life into the viewing experience.

 The pièce de résistance, the grand Broadway theatre, takes centre stage as the largest and most opulent of them all. The walls, adorned in resplendent shades of red and gold, exude an air of theatrical opulence. Wall sconces emanate a warm, inviting glow, while exceptional velvet drapes frame the screen, parting in a grandiose reveal akin to a Broadway show. The fourth hall, an ode to artistic expression, unfolds as an intimate art gallery. Painted artworks adorn both sides, setting the stage for a unique cinematic journey. The screen itself is framed as a work of art, blurring the lines between cinema and the gallery walls.

 PVR Directors Cut, executed by DesignEx, is not merely a cinema but an opulent retreat that seamlessly marries modernity with timeless design elements, promising patrons an unforgettable cinematic journey in the lap of luxury. As Smriti Raheja Sawhney commemorates two decades of visionary design, her commitment to excellence shines through this project, ensuring DesignEx continues to deliver uncompromised and top-notch design compositions. Her journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of architecture and design, shaping spaces that resonate with elegance, innovation, and enduring beauty.

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