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Peek-a-boo launches new furniture and furnishing for kids!

Kids and toddlers not only learn from books and toys but also from the environment they are in.

Kids and toddlers not only learn from books and toys but also from the environment they are in. Most of the times, parents design their child’s room based on their choice of colours and aesthetic. However, luxurious and minimalist designs don’t often impress kids. In fact, Research shows that children, whose rooms are space-structured by parents, spend less time in their rooms compared to the child’s own structured space. So, to bridge this gap between the child’s imagination and their little paradise, Peek-a-boo, Interior Design brand for children launched its new furniture and furnishing for kids at the India Design ID, Delhi. The event showcased 3 categories, all with different concepts, aimed to serve the needs of babies+toddlers, young girls and young boys. For babies and toddlers, an ideal nursery has been launched with a theme of “OUT IN THE WOODS” consisting of digitally printed laminates alongside a subtle colour palate. The crib and chest of drawers of this section were particularly attractive. Moreover, the natural bark lighting, cute comfy corduroy like sofa, a customized clock and baby bedding made this part magical.

The boy’s den on the other hand, offers solutions for doing up your little hunk’s room. The sports locker pillar, ladder and bunk, fun pin up board, the gaming or hobby chest, the black board shutters etc. are sure to make it a fav with the boys! Moreover, the rope handles and built to grow concepts added a charming rustic appearance to the section. The stunning DIVA look of the girls’ section is a winner and is sure to charm the girls and their mums. The concept of suspended design dresser, activity table set with storage cubes as seats, the doll house with fence shutters and the art station make this place a pretty paradise!

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