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Nobilia journey in 2022-23 ;

Nobilia’s new grid system isn’t just at home in the kitchen, but demonstrates its advantages in the bathroom and living segment, too.

While 2021 was still shaped considerably by the coronavirus pandemic, 2022 brought different and largely new challenges and developments. At the beginning of last year, many parts of the world were extremely relieved that they had passed the peak of the pandemic with COVID getting increasingly controllable. Nevertheless, it was already becoming apparent that disruptions in delivery chains would lead to shortages and significant price increases for some products.

As long as the journey of nobilia in India is concerned, last year the brand achieved 40% + growth in nobilia business in India, despite price increase and other disturbances in Europe. At present they enjoy a robust presence in 6 cities in India and are planning to expand their base in 4 new cites (Surat, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Cochin) by 31 March 2024. Adding another feather to its hat, nobilia is also executing India’s tallest building order in Mumbai alongside the many project orders in pipeline for 2023-24 execution.

As India is growing exponentially and B level towns are also developing parallelly, people too are on a look out for lifestyle product in those cities. This year many reputed Architects and Builders visited the nobilia open house in September 2022. In the Open house world-wide approximately 14,000 visitors visited to their exhibition in Verl in September 2022.

Highlights of open house –

Ready to create! New grid for greater flexibility

As far as products were concerned, the motto “Ready to create!” put the focus of the exhibition on inspiration: New products, new surfaces, material trends and the n144 grid system took centre stage. The new grid system makes it possible to plan joint patterns and heights even more consistently across all fronts and rooms. The grid represents a modular product kit for creative room

designs with a focus on continuity, plannability, ergonomics, storage space and clean lines. Just last year, 1,700 new unit types were designed for this new grid. The main inspiration for nobilia’s front décors this year are warm colours and natural materials. Among the new surfaces, lacquer and lacquered laminate fronts with anti-fingerprint properties are a particular focus. They represent a real added value for the product.

Xtra Ceramic: Five-time award winner

They also released new features in their StoneArt laminate range and for the innovative ceramic worktop Xtra Ceramic. In fact, five new décors have been added to the multi-award-winning Xtra Ceramic worktop range. This range won an impressive total of five awards this year. The outstanding design was awarded the ICONIC Award, the Kitchen Innovation Award and the German Innovation Award. The international jury of the Red Dot Award were particularly impressed by the product’s innovative strength. But nobilia is particularly proud of the final award: The Green Product Award that rewards sustainable products. Xtra Ceramic impressed the jury with its use of recycled glass and its particularly environment-friendly lightweight design, allowing it to win the award.

More than kitchen. Bathroom and living room

Nobilia’s new grid system isn’t just at home in the kitchen, but demonstrates its advantages in the bathroom and living segment, too. In these segments, the grid system improves design flexibility, creating unique results. Moreover, nobilia has added numerous new accessories and ideas to its product range. This is the first collection to include coffee tables, which attracted the visitors with their diverse design and creativity. In the wardrobe Beyond its collection, nobilia has also further developed the marketing of its Living range.

Nobilia elements

The quick-delivery program “nobilia elements” – a selected product module kit of quickly available stock products – was further expanded and is now more modern and attractive thanks to new additions. The concept is already in use by 850 customers in Germany and 200 in their export markets. That is why nobilia expanded the warehouse capacity for elements accordingly in 2022.


As an independent company with an eye on the future, nobilia is very aware of its corporate responsibility to environmental and social issues and has long developed a sustainability concept, which is constantly being reviewed and furthered by an internal committee of experts. Eight core areas form the focus of nobilia’s sustainability strategy: Raw materials, supply chain, production, transport, retail, product use, durability, and social issues. nobilia has already achieved measurable results in each of these areas.

An extensive action plan already saved 3.8 million kWh of energy in 2021. nobilia resolutely pursues the aim of CO2 neutrality. To achieve this goal, they inspect supply chains, use certified materials and improve their logistics.

CO2 footprint: Their goal is CO2 neutrality

Since 2019, they have been calculating their CO2 footprint, that is the carbon dioxide emissions generated by them as a company. This important metric is determined by inspecting all activities that produce CO2 along the value chain. This includes not just the production of their furniture, but also its transport. They also take into account additional greenhouse gases, complying with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and use the results from this report to reduce their own consumption of energy resources. Their aim is to avoid generating emissions wherever possible.

Raw materials: Wood from sustainably managed forests

nobilia uses wood from sustainably managed forests to produce its furniture. This is documented by their PEFC standard certification. Moreover, nobilia’s transport packaging is biodegradable.

PV installation: Clean power through company-owned solar plants

nobilia already gets part of the power required for its operations from renewable energy sources and a photovoltaics installation on plant IV at the Ölbach river in Gütersloh.

On a concluding note, it can be rightly stated that nobilia is achieving its goals with protecting our environment, thus moving towards building a safe future for the coming generation.

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