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Architect Sonali Bhagwati has designed an aweinspiring residence where-in thebreathtaking surroundings unite withthe chic interiors.

Critically-acclaimed Senior Architect Sonali Bhagwati, Principal Architect, Design Plus Architecture needs no introduction.

Critically-acclaimed Senior Architect Sonali Bhagwati, Principal Architect, Design Plus Architecture needs no introduction. She has contributed incredible landmark structures and designed trendsetting interiors over the years. For this project located in Camellies, one of the plush townships, Sonali Bhagwati is assisted by Atul Sharma and Niharika Kadyan together they have designed a trendsetting apartment.

Nestled within the sprawling expanse of a bare shell condominium, a blank canvas awaiting transformation, lays the seeds of a truly remarkable design journey meticulously crafted by Ar. Sonali Bhagwati and her team at Design Plus Architecture. It was here that the discerning clients envisioned their dream abode, an embodiment of their aspirations and a testament to their unique lifestyle. This design narrative unfolds in the heart of Gurugram where every detail, every material, and every concept converge to create an unparalleled living experience.

In a vast 9,500 sq. ft. of empty space, the breathtaking view of the adjacent golf course is framed by a generous balcony. “This view immediately became the heart of their home, a space that would be maximised and celebrated” explains Sonali Bhagwati. With a mere requirement for three bedrooms, the emphasis was laid on elevating the living spaces, where the language of design would create an environment of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.

Upon entering the home through the lift lobby, a unique architectural concept was introduced. A door on the right led to the private family spaces of the home, including the bedrooms. This area could be discreetly closed off, offering a sense of privacy. On the other end lay the expansive public spaces, including the living room, dining room, lounge, puja room, kitchen, home office, and a dedicated entertainment space.

The vision for these public spaces was clearly to have an open, uncluttered ambiance that encouraged fluidity and flexibility. These areas were envisioned as interconnected zones, allowing for easy transitions between various functions. A sense of openness permeated, avoiding the confines of compartmentalization.

The design philosophy focused on providing an environment where family and friends could naturally gravitate towards different activities, whether watching TV, engaging in conversation, or enjoying music. An extensive music zoning system was integrated into the living, dining, and balcony areas, offering a diverse range of musical genres tailored to the ambiance of each zone.

Decorative lighting played a pivotal role throughout the house in infusing character and identity into each room. While architectural lighting set the overall tone, decorative fixtures added personality and uniqueness. The design language remained contemporary, marked by minimalism and tonal elegance. Neutral shades and textures dominate, creating a harmonious blend of tranquility and sophistication.

The entrance of the home and the lift lobby is characterised by exclusive furnishings that serve as transition spaces that make a bold impact. With striking flooring and elaborate wall treatments, these areas offer a visual prelude to the grandeur that awaits within. “This design journey was a testament to luxury and uncompromising vision. Every aspect, every element, bore the hallmark of thoughtful consideration and precise execution. It was a canvas where aspiration met realization, where lifestyle found its architectural expression.” says Sonali.

In a space that celebrated minimalism and contemporary aesthetics, the master bedroom was the exception. Inspired by the opulence of Versace, it embraced patterns, colours, and a design language synonymous with the brand. The bathroom, in particular, embodied the essence of Versace, with a mesmerising Medusa inlay forming the floor’s centrepiece. Black, gold and beige hues enriched the bathroom, seamlessly merging Versace’s opulence with contemporary design sensibilities. A prominent feature of the home was the stunning light installation in the living area—a Pressyosa that captivated the entire room. It served as a focal point, dividing the living space into two distinct seating arrangements while providing ambient lighting that beautifully illuminated the space.

The concept soared beyond the bounds of tradition, enthusiastically embracing the age-old principles of Vastu with a modern twist, infusing new life into ancient wisdom! The master bedroom, traditionally reserved for the golf course view, now found its place on the road-facing side.

This transformation allowed for the creation of two smaller rooms that would later be unified into a single, luxuriously spacious master suite. This suite became a sanctuary, featuring a sprawling walk-in wardrobe and a lavishly appointed bathroom.

In the world of design, it is a rare privilege to collaborate with clients who are not only visionaries but also fully trust the designers in the creative process. This project was a testament to such collaboration—an artful symphony composed of aspirations, design acumen, and meticulous execution. Here, the design narrative unfolds as a celebration of aesthetics, functionality, and, above all, the essence of contemporary luxury!

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