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Action TESA Studio on Wheels Rolls into Southern India: Unveiling a New Era in Home Design and Renovation

Action Tesa, one of India’s largest manufacturers and a pioneer in latest innovations of MDF/HDHMR & Particle Boards in India, is proud to announce the expansion of ‘Action TESA Studio on Wheels’into Southern India.

Action Tesa, one of India’s largest manufacturers and a pioneer in latest innovations of MDF/HDHMR & Particle Boards in India, is proud to announce the expansion of ‘Action TESA Studio on Wheels’into Southern India. This expansion brings numerous benefits to the market, builders, architects, interior designers, and consumers.With this initiative, Southern India customers can now easily access cutting-edge interior and building solutions without the need for extensive travel to explore the latest trends and innovations; this saves both time and resources. Furthermore, the initiative provides a platform for direct interaction with experts, enabling a deeper understanding of product offerings and applications.

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from customers across Haryana, Punjab, J&K, and Rajasthan, Maharashtra, the Studio on Wheels has expanded its horizons to Southern India. Covering over 9225 kilometers on an incredible journey, this mobile experiential center has garnered exceptional feedback, fueling its expansion into new territories. This unique state-of-the-art initiative has brought together esteemed personalities from the Indian panel sector, including Architects, Interior Designers, and students from architectural institutions, Builders, Dealers, and Distributors. The presence and support of this elite fraternity have propelled the “Studio on Wheels” to new heights of recognition and appreciation.

The “Studio on Wheels” by Action TESA is more than just a mobile showcase; it is a source of knowledge enhancement for end-users, illustrating how easy-to-use panels can enhance the aesthetics of interiors while emphasizing quality, time efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This innovative concept has been embraced by everyone who has experienced it, from interior enthusiasts to professionals, making it an invaluable resource for all.

Loaded with innovation and excellence, the “Action TESA- Studio on Wheels” is poised to reach every city, bringing the latest interior and building solutions to your doorstep. Action TESA is committed to delivering value-for-money, eco-friendly, and user-friendly engineered panel products to its customers. This initiative aims not only to educate and inform but also to connect with the architectural and interior design community, builders, and trade professionals to showcase Action TESA’s extensive range of products.

Mr. Ajay Aggarwal, Managing Director, Action TESA, expressed his excitement, saying, “Embarking on this journey into Southern India, we are thrilled to share our expertise in engineered panel products that prioritize value, sustainability, and ease of use. Through our Studio on Wheels initiative, we aim to foster meaningful connections with industry professionals, ensuring that every project reflects our ethos of excellence and innovation.”  He further added, ”We look forward to imparting knowledge about engineered panel products that provide value for money, are environmentally friendly, and user-friendly for our customers. Furthermore, we aim to create strong connections with architects, interior designers, builders, and trade professionals, showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation.”

This revolutionary mobile experiential center has been meticulously designed to bring the latest trends and innovations in interior and building solutions directly to customers’ doorsteps, making it a remarkable milestone in the industry.The “Studio on Wheels” has not only set new benchmarks in customer engagement but has also become a symbol of Action TESA’s dedication to delivering excellence and innovation in the interior and building solutions industry.   

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